Mango Hack! How to cut a mango in a minute!

Mangos are a delicious appetizer with amazing health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C, which help strengthen the immune system, enzymes that aid in digestion, antioxidants, which help the fight against cancer, and vitamin A, which promotes good vision. Did you also know that mangoes are known as the “fruit of love” and an aphrodisiac? This is due to the abundance of vitamin E increases virility in men. Mangoes are native to Southeast Asia and are used for a variety of desserts dishes, salads, sauces, smoothies and even as a topping for chicken and fish.
Some people are intimidated by the handles, because they are not sure how to prepare. Cutting a mango does not have to be difficult. Mangoes are one of the easiest fruits that you can cut and require little or no knife skills. Do not deprive yourself of this delicious, exotic and follow these simple steps on how to cut a mango in a minute invitation. Be sure to choose a mango is ripe. Simply press down on the skin and if a tooth is left, then the handle is ready to cut. If the grip is too strong, just leave for a few days to mature first. Remember that the more mature, more sweet than it is.
1. There is a seed or pit in the handle. You will need to cut the handle close to the seed as possible on a right side.
how to cut a mango in a minute

2. Cut across the handle if you end up with three pieces (two end pieces and an intermediate part with the seed). Try to stay as close to the well so that you can get more meat.

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3. Take one of the end pieces and score three lines dividing it into three equal parts. Only the meat is cut while maintaining the intact skin of the handle. Do not cut all the way through.

4. Now the score horizontally across the slices you’ve already done three more times to create a grid. You should end up with a lot of places.

5. Insert the back skin of the handle so that the fruit pulp appears and the separate pieces into cubes.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 in the other piece is cut from the handle. You should end up with two identical pieces of this type.

7. The use of any one or a knife peeler skin peeling of the central part (the part of the seed or pit). You can stop here if you like and just eat away from seed or go to step 8 for an extra step. It depends on your food preferences.

8. Cut the meat left on the seed. Try to remove as much meat so you do not miss anything. You should end up with two pieces on both sides of the seed.

9. Enjoy your delicious mango. You can peel the skin mango pieces or just eat them straight from the shell. mango cubes should come out with relative ease, without losing the precious meat. If they can not come off easily, you can use your knife or if it makes you nervous, just use a spoon to scrape the buckets.