Cutting Onion Without Tears

I hate the idea of cooking with onions. Like many others, I do makes me cry uncontrollable tears stinging frustration. So in a moment of madness, I decided to try the many tips we’ve published in recent years to control these tear-jerkers. This is what I found.


To do this, experience torturing me for all of yellow onions carefully diced according to each alleged solution. After each method, washed my hands, kitchen ventilation lights, I left the room, and waited several minutes until my eyes were back to normal. Are the two days of testing for me that would not be overwhelmed by the accumulation of pain onion.

Some of the “remedies” below its downright silly, and many actually not for me, but I got lucky with some more stuff. Read on to see which ones.

Cut the onion in a vent
Put your cutting board on the stove and turn on the ventilation fan or microwave above is supposed to redirect irritant gases to produce traitors onions eyes away from eyes. When our own Kevin Purdy and his wife tried it, it worked for them, with the caveat that Kevin is not subject to the onion-induced tears and his wife gentle types of onions that are supposed to be less irritating, Vidalia and shallot used . However, I had high hopes.

level of tearing and irritation: Usually painless. 1 minute 30 seconds, with almost all the chopped onion, only felt a slight sting in his eyes. The bite became stronger minutes after finished cutting onions, but did not shed a tear.
The ease and convenience: Excellent, if you have good ventilation above. (I used my oven vent and vent embedded in my kitchen wall.)
Verdict: It Works! A whole onion cubes without crying at all, even if the bite could be a problem if you have super-sensitive eyes or vent vapors are not all met.
Light a candle before cutting
I do not know how to light a candle is to stop hydraulic works (burning of gas in the air? Voodoo?), But is often suggested a recommendation, so we tried.

tear and irritation level: Extreme (ie, normal). Not even a quarter of my onion before my eyes began to burn bad. About ten seconds later, the tears stinging my eyes burning joined.
The ease and convenience: Right. It is difficult to find and light a candle.
Verdict: useless, unless your goal is just to mask the smell of onions in the kitchen, rather than avoiding tears in his eyes.
Cut while holding your tongue on the roof of the mouth
This is a turn of the foreign body is to keep your tongue on the roof of the mouth during cutting and mouth breathing. Maybe the air flow of the mouth should keep gas away from eyes.

Tear and irritation level: Extreme. My eyes stung like bees or less the same time they made the turn candle, and I had to put the knife and take the box of tissues before half a chopped onion.
The ease and convenience: Tricky. Although this trick does not require special tools, it is harder than it looks to cut an onion, hold your tongue, and remember not to breathe through the nose.
Verdict: Fail. Might as well keep my mouth shut and breathe normally.
While cutting gum
Another trick mouth encircling crowd to tears. Perhaps these medicines expected to work occupying his mouth like dice?

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Teardrop and level of irritation: High. He was halfway through the diced onion when my eyes began to burn, but it was not until I finished cutting (about 2 minutes) that the pain was really unpleasant. I did not cry, but I felt on the verge of doing so.
The ease and convenience: Tricky. I thought chop the onion, it’s hard to remember to keep chewing.
Verdict: Some beneficial because it can cut an onion without tears completely. I prefer not to completely burn the eyes, though.
Wear glasses
specially designed glasses onions are supposed to protect the eyes from irritating vapors onion. I bought it, but it was $ 20 down the drain. The one size for all sizes did not match my face (or my husband) well enough to create the required seal. Otherwise, I tried swimming goggles.

level of tearing and irritation: painless (except for sealing glasses). Woohoo! No burning, no tears.
The ease and convenience: Good, but difficult for eyeglass wearers. Glasses are an additional cost and make you look a little ridiculous in the kitchen; Also, you can not enjoy having glasses tight around his head for long. Worse, however, is that if you wear glasses. I was able to fit the lenses of glasses, but it was uncomfortable (and already bad worse eye).
Verdict: Excellent, if you do not pay attention to the strange looks and did not wear glasses. Even (strange looking) glasses onion can work for you, if it suits your face.
(Note: some people say that wearing contact them not to cry over onions lenses Apparently, Contacts act as shields against the onion fumes, I can not wear contact lenses, so it was not not an option for testing me, but if .. switch between glasses and contacts, contacts deal the next time you’re chopped onion service.)

Freeze the onion
Put the onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes before carving. This has been my go-to method for a few months, but I wanted to compare with other methods. The theory is that with cold inhibits the release of their irritating chemicals in the eyes of onions.

Rip and level of irritation: painless and tear, such as baby shampoo Johnson & Johnson
The ease and convenience: Clear. Remember to take the onion in the freezer before it is too hard and plan ahead for additional freezing time. In addition, the frozen onion can be a little hard to cut, the most difficult to reach shell slices and cold affect your kitchen, because of how they might interact with the other ingredients. Otherwise, I did not notice any change in taste compared to non-refrigerated onions.
Verdict: This really works, but has some caveats. Unlike cuts such as wearing glasses or gum, however, this trick could help others in the room too.
refrigerate onions
This works on the same principle as the freezing point. You can keep the onions in your refrigerator or put them in about 30 minutes before cutting. (Note that storing your onions in the refrigerator for long periods of time can cause other food there to spoil more quickly and also affect the texture of the onion).

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level of tearing and irritation: light to medium. This worked so well that the gel, but my eyes itch and start the water at the end of an onion. Not real tears, however.
The ease and convenience: It depends. If you can not take care of less fresh onions or its effect on other foods in the refrigerator, storage onions are not convenient. Otherwise, you must remember to set aside a half hour before cutting.
Verdict: Not the best method, because of the bite, but if your eyes normally react with tears instead of burning, it might work better for you.
Soak the onion in water
This is a tip that I had before: Cut the ends and peel an onion, then give a brief soak in a bowl of water (I used 15 minutes). The theory is the sulfur-containing compounds extracted from onion surfaces in water. However, this also results in a smooth onion taste.

level of tearing and irritation: Usually painless. While reducing only experienced strict suspicion burn eyes. It’s almost not even worth mentioning.
The ease and convenience: So-so. This takes a few minutes extra time to do it, makes it more slippery onion (so you have to be more careful when dice), and makes it sweeter the taste of onion (which may be good for some food, however).
Verdict: Not a bad way to go if you need sweet onion.
Court under running water
Instead of waiting onions soaked in water, it can be cut in the sink with running water. This, I believe, functions as most other towers with water redirecting most of the vapors away movements of onion eyes.

Tear and irritation level: no pain. I was surprised how little my eyes responded.
The ease and convenience: Hard. I thought a cut onion dip was a bit complicated, but it is even more difficult. In addition to making the most slippery onion, splashing water everywhere it is distracting and pushes many of my diced onion pieces and a cutting board in the sink. In addition, the sink is not ergonomic kitchen surface, doing this too long or too often can be a pain in the back.
Verdict: It works, but it is not as simple as other solutions.
Basic cut the onion background
The bottom of the onion, where the roots are, is said to be the part of the plant that causes crying attacks, because it contains all (or maybe just most) of sulfur, which when released into air in the eye and mixtures to become sulfuric acid. So the trick is to cut a cone at the bottom of the onion (about one third of the width of onion and a third depth), as shown in this video, and then you will be able to cut with the rest confidence further.

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Rip and level of irritation: Some tears. I am able to reduce the cone gently, but cut the remaining onions, my eyes began to burn and, curiously, my left eye started to cry.
The ease and convenience: Tricky. It’s hard to know if you cut the cone accurately and more effort than other methods are needed.
Verdict: Meh.
Juliana onion
Finally, this latter technique is to learn properly julienne an onion like a pro. I’m not very optimistic about this, because the “stuff” seems to be all about to decide very quickly, something practical.

level of tearing and irritation: Complete the scream-fest. It chop julienne slices, but did not get far.
The ease and convenience: Clear. This does not mean deception and apparatus or special, but the time and effort to reduce so quickly and skill is required.
Verdict: Maybe worth it for people who want to improve their skills with the knife.
Winners: freezing goggles, and Wind

Some people are more sensitive to onions than others, and what works for one person may not necessarily for everyone. In my experience, however, freezing and cutting under a vent, are effective ways without the most cut an onion without problems crying like a baby.

Adjusted glasses is the best solution if you have a zero tolerance for onion gas as long as do not wear glasses.

Cut onion More Tips and Tricks

Beyond these cutting strategies, however, there are other tips you need to implement to make less of a cut onions without hassle:

Make sure your knife is sharp. (Hey, you can even test the knife sharpness with an onion.) You will be able to reduce your onions more quickly, before it is too exposed to smoke and you’ll be less likely to crush the slices onion, freeing the most irritating.
If you start to break during or after the cut, the eyes do not rub. onion juice are on your toes.
Sweet onions like Vidalias are less inductors weeping white onions, red and yellow, so consider trying one of those instead.
Register onion during the final stage of preparation, will not be to spend as much time in an onion-infused space.
If none of the tips apply, at least console themselves with the idea that most onions, driving is less likely to cry do with time. (Or you can just go with the chopped onion in the driveway ice from the supermarket.)