Difficult people: 5 quick tips on how to deal

Here are five very practical advice on dealing with difficult people:

1. Perspective: The most difficult people teach us the greatest lessons. Think of playing a game with easy adjustment. Winning the game every time and you’re never really challenged. Now think about playing with hard adjustment. It’s a pain in the ass, but before you know it, your skills improve and become a ninja master, Level: Expert. People are no different. easy people to treat you have in your comfort zone. Difficult people change things up a bit and grow as a person in order to leave it behind. Having this perspective will keep you from getting too crazy. If it really becomes a Jedi Master will actually enjoy the challenge. The force is strong with it.

2. Look inside yourself: There’s a reason this person is you. There is a reason this person pushes all the buttons and hit every nerve in his body. This is psychological. After all is said and done, it is getting angry? That goes mad as hell and let this person affect our thoughts and the ability to advance the impressive things done? The answer is YOU. Learn to look within yourself and how this person is making you feel can make basic emotions. Why fight?

3. Get over it: This is one of my favorite cliches: Life is a marathon, not a sprint. You must get over your feelings. You are trying to dominate the world and is a huge job. This person is just another pawn in the game. If you get stuck in it, it will get rid of your game. Be as nice as possible. Take a class act and put on your best game face.

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4. Remove the person in your life: Look, if all else fails and this person is a constant pain in the ass, the only movement of common sense is to get rid of them. I do not care if they are your “best friend” or his cousin. If it’s that much of a problem, you need to go ahead and leave. A small change like this and everything else in your life can improve.

5. OK: If the number 4 is in force, then you have to accept it. The faster the loss is accepted, the faster you can go. fucking people are like a cancer. Cut it before it becomes malignant. I know you want to try your hardest to change this person and that I can have known for years and years. Breaking news: people do not change.