Deleting Google Plus Permanently

To continue using Gmail and other Google tools, but they want to get rid of Google+, AddictiveTips simple steps to eliminate the characteristics of social networks of your Google account.

The process is simple and fast:

Access your Gmail account and click your profile icon in the top right of the window.
Click on “Account” and go to the “Data Tools” tab.
Look for “Account Management” and click the link to the side that says “Delete profile and features of Google+.”
You should see a delete confirmation page. You will be asked if they agree to remove the so-called “Google profile.” Review the details of what happens when the Google profile is removed and make sure you know what you remove. When you’re ready, check the box next to “Required: Yes, I understand that removing the Google profile ‘Your name’,” and click “Remove selected services.”
That’s all it takes. Note that deleting your Google profile from your Google account may affect your comments and interactions YouTube. YouTube uses information from Google+, so be prepared. If you do not want to delete your profile together, we can help you maintain at least Google+ completely take over your entire Google Apps.

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