Deleting Youtube History

If you use your YouTube app on your smartphone, tablet or other device, you can delete the search history. If you share the unit or just to protect your privacy, you can access the application and clear your history at any time by accessing the parameters of the YouTube application.

Step 1: Delete search history will depend on the type of device you use. For Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads with iOS, you must download the application because it no longer comes standard on the home screen. There is no option to delete search history. However, you can do this by double clicking on the start button and drag the YouTube screen to exit the application. To open the application, your search history will be updated and deleted.

Step 2: On Android, there are some steps. Open the application and select the Menu button. Then press the setting. Under Settings, you’ll see a section called “Search”. Press the “Search” then click “Clear Search History”. This will remove your previous searches appear in the search area.

Step 3: In some devices such as Androids, there is an option to disable the search history. From the menu, select Settings. Under Settings, locate and select the category “Search”. The second option has a check next to it, you can check the YouTube “Never remember history.” By checking this box, you can be sure that your device stores your previous searches.

In summary: if you have an iOS or Android system, you can delete your YouTube search history. Many applications have this feature so that you can protect your privacy while watching tons of videos.

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