The Right Way to Detail Your Car

As the weather or hot or cold wherever you are, making sure your car is clean is an important step for preventative maintenance to remember. Video Drive can go beyond those who use a hose and a sponge but is full of tips to make sure your car is perfectly clean and well taken care of.

All the tips in the video are helpful, but I’m a big fan of the 7 series (2.30 am) because I saw many people wash their cars with terribly soiled rags soiled in soapy water. The card number 5 (at 03:35) is perfect for those of us who hate to clean the inside of our windshield, and suggests that it be placed in the passenger seat (not the driver’s seat) or spray Never clean any windshield With a cleaning cloth and apply it on the windshield. Just after that explains the best way to get the bird poop out of your car, that is, with spray wax and microfiber cloth (using a paper towel or napkin for your car will inevitably cause scratches).

As we have already mentioned, many people who use to just water their car with a hose and rubbing it with a big hourglass light bulb will probably not want to reach these extremes (or investment in cleaning products). If you have a good car, or if you simply want to keep the look of your car (and resale value) as long as possible, these tips can help you.

Not so long, I told a friend and colleague that I had to take my car to the car wash and did not care what happened – he said that the amount of I was doing damage to the paint on my car, and depending on The washing machine, the body of the car. He pointed out that if you want your car to retain its shine and prevent scratches, bumps and scratches that cross in the enamel, it should be washed by hand (or have detailed). The video above is a bit long, but once you’re through it, you understand exactly how to do it yourself, in the right way.

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