How to detoxify your body with tea

Those pesky toxins are getting into our bodies and make us feel cruddy all day! Unfortunately, few of us take the time to detoxify us sitting on years of accumulation of dirt and metal running wild around our body.

A desintoxicos they were given the image to take the time and interfere with daily schedules of our busy beings. However, we drink liters everyday and some of us swear by it, however, no one has taken the time to truly understand the power of this substance daily. I speak of tea.

Look at how to detoxify your body with tea.

go green
At one time or another, you’ve probably heard of the magic elixir that is green tea. Full of endless antioxidants, vitamins and goodness in general, has become a staple of many people taking the gym and people aware of health plans.

Some features of green tea include:

-help To burn fat: The antioxidant properties of using tea to speed up your metabolic rate, which causes burning energy even when not active.
Improves immunity: fight against flu and colds.
-Super Medicine: There have been reports that can prevent and prevent certain types of cancer, arthritis and diabetes.
-re-Hydrate: Going against the common belief that tea dehydrates you, green tea has been found to have similar effects rehydration our old friend H2O.
-neurological been demonstrated to prevent and degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

This is just a small list of the benefits of green tea, but I will focus on a super duper food that fail 10 times the power of regular green tea.

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Bring on the Japanese Matcha tea.

Drink a cup of matcha tea is equal to 10 cups of green tea, talk about the nutritional overload!

Matcha tea is incredibly popular in Japan and is now widely recognized worldwide for its ability to help diets and detox diets. Some of the key benefits of Matcha are:

-Prevents Cancer with its high levels of antioxidants called catechins, which are seeking and finding dangerous free radicals in your body.
-It Prevents heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol, or the bad guy.
-help To burn fat by increasing thermogenesis 8-10% to 35-43%.
Contains 5 times more L-theanine, an amino acid that helps that the standard neurological activity of green tea.

Going green is not only good with their vegetables, but also with your tea – the best green.


Detoxing your body with tea always consists of 2 parts, the morning is the restoration and evening which is colon cleansing (explained further in the next section). Updating the morning should focus on replacing lost electrolytes and vitamins night colon cleanse tea, and not to hinder the full potential of a detox tea.

A tea beverage is to contain a mixture of ingredients that have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and other genera. Matcha tea is a favorite of mine, usually being the key ingredient for my morning tea refreshing. You need to focus on adding additional ingredients such as:

Acai -Baya
-The Barley Grass
-Spirulina (Other super duper food)

At this point, the flavor takes a fall, so do not expect anything out of this world. However, if you need to add something to change the flavor, I recommend adding one of these: Stevia (natural sweetener), honey, blackberries, ginger or lemon juice.

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Colon Cleansing
That sounds pretty scary, but for a whole body detox tea is essential to get rid of the accumulation of toxins, metals and daily gunk. As the tea soda morning colon cleansing should be a key element: senna leaf, which will provide the laxative effect.

The FDA agreed to Senna to be used as a natural laxative, so no worries there.

Create a mixture is again essential to increase the effectiveness of this tea, so I recommend adding some of these ingredients in your senna leaf:

– Dried orange peel
dandelion plant
-Libra sheet
-The lemongrass
-root licorice

They not only help to add flavor to tea, but also increase the effects and benefits of colon cleansing. Whether adding fiber, nutrients or vitamins, each ingredient should be considered as a key component of detox colon cleansing mixture.

You know the benefits and powers of tea for detoxification, so now you need to know how they can use in their lives everyday. You will find it is not really intrusive and super easy to make!


As soon as I get out of bed, boiling water, add slices of lemon or juice, and add ginger. This contributes to the awakening of the body and boost your metabolism.

20 minutes later, taking a glass of tea in the morning, giving the antioxidant, vitamin, and energy you need for the day.


Throughout the day drink several cups of green tea, the normal green tea or a mixture such as jasmine green tea (3-6 cups for example). White tea is also acceptable.

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To make your colon cleanse tea choices, either buy a mix or make your own with the example of the ingredients that I mentioned above.