Dicing Onion at Home

He never asks what the professionals do differently when cutting or chopping onions and other ingredients? We did it. We called a head, grabbed a camera and filmed the skills of resourcefulness with a kitchen knife to their education.

How differently does not, for example, Rogers art, chef and owner of Lento in Rochester, New York, cut an onion that you or me? It depends on your knife skills. Integrated clip, Rogers shows a good method of cutting, using fingers as a guide for the lever action properly spaced ribs.

It also shows the best way to get a constant diced onion without making a mess of your workspace: cut in half, lay the halves on their flat sides, making horizontal cuts almost all the way through and then use the same slices of diced leveraged vegetables instead. (Make sure to press the button for HD high resolution close-up.)

Apologies for the camera work somewhat unstable, with the development of time. This was our first outing with a Kodak Zi6, favorite HD camcorder cheap Gizmodo, and they did not know he was down microscopically close enough to enjoy the “macro” mode. Also, if you’re a nerd knife (and you’re in good company), Rogers is using his favorite Japanese steel knife Misono carbon, both for their edge retention and surprisingly light.
As you heard in the introduction, we have another training video that comes to you. Thank you to the slow art Rogers and staff for letting us invade your kitchen, and vegetables and other foods sacrifice on behalf of edutainment.

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