How to completely disappear and start a new life

We live in a dog-eating-dog world. Everyone does what they can to stay afloat. However, as we have shown to the NSA complainant and the “traitor” of the gestapo, Edward Snowden, somewhere on the line, none of us could end up in need of an evacuation route. You will have a lot on your mind, and disappearing requires discipline. You will walk on a tightrope without a net, and you can never leave your guard down. Keep this page in a safe to use as a checklist in case a crap fan reaches the place, and you have to completely disappear and start a new life …

Stay calm

A clear mind is always better than a mess. Think about how your home is laid out. If everything is messy and things are on the way, you will have a harder time to get around, be less efficient, and do less. Your mind works the same way: If you are too busy thinking about things you can not change (bills currently have a job that is currently not in – someone or something that does not exist in the Physical present), will lose opportunities in this moment when you can act. Change from P (roactive) to R (eactive) and your life starts to slide backwards as Spidey’s sense of tingling lose. I digress

The point is, you need to have a wide open mind. Starting a new life is possible in many ways, but you have to decide what you are willing to give and take. The reason for this change in life will have a dramatic impact on how to start a new life. Reset your social circle, family composition, etc. A decision based on the voluntary career takes a different approach to escape from prison and the modern state of surveillance in which we live. You are about to embark on a serious life decision, many steps that can not be canceled.

Now Bug Out

You need an error bag. I have several for different situations, but not necessarily to go that far – I’m just giving options. Create a bag that works for you. Much of this will depend on your financial ability and resources. I have a backpack and a messenger bag. Each has different elements needed to help in various situations. Having two styles of bags helps you to mix in different situations. My backpack is a well designed Sierra High that has a large storage capacity. It is useful to wear basic survival kit with personal electronics (laptop, music player, cables) I have to survive. Help Messenger bag in urban situations. There are times when you may want to mix in a city or in a professional environment, and a backpack will not help this.

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Fill their bug bags with the universally needed items. You will need at least a small amount of money for emergencies. Keep identifying yourself. People will say you have to destroy ID cards, but there are more reasons to keep from throwing them away. Think about how many ID cards give in your life to school, work, conferences, parking lots, shops, etc. You never know when you might need to recreate an ID to something, so you save them. As a complainant, I spend a good deal of my time talking to the law enforcement and security staff as a consultant and a person of interest. What I can say is an extensive detailed analysis of the area of ??training, it is that police officers and security agents often tend to be human beings with jobs to do. More often than not, matching an identification with cold head and friendly behavior can come out of difficult situations. Not all the meeting minds of the po-po has to end the spirit “.44 makin sho all the children do not develop.It looks at a situation in terms of the amount of documents they have to do for the There are enough ways to overcome the rules of the house, but it’s a discussion for another time …

Disinfection bag should also contain any of these basic elements of survival: condiments, basic hygiene products, a bottle of water, Camelbak, tea bags, spare shops all the medicines you take ( Butter, peanut butter, honey, chocolate, nuts, salt, small mirror or, compact hand tools small, writing utensils, tape measure, tape, sewing kit, cables Fax / cell phone, multiple fire inlets, vitamins, hand sanitizer, flashlight, small umbrella, poncho, card, compass, utensils, radio, atlas and almanac.

You want to have at least one hand bug wherever you are. You never know when you find yourself in a survival situation. A few months ago, for example, I woke up in a hospital with nothing more than a blood-stained pair (no Australian accent), my iPhone 5, and a cloudy memory of the chain of events that Led me there. The point is, things sometimes happen, and you want to be ready for the basics. The important thing is to keep your mental health, survive, find comfort and progress. If you do not already own one, set up a bug on the bag and store it in a safe place. You never know what the future, and never want to leave out in the cold with nothing.

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If you start a new life, by hiding from the Internet, it seems to move the most logical. This is not necessarily the case. We live in a society in which we blend cache in number and not in protrusion. If a police officer stops him and has no identification, stays and requires further investigation. By applying this principle to the Internet, you should always be aware of our up-to-date and constant company development. The Internet is like having a ubiquitous deity in one’s pocket at all times. Depending on the particular circumstances surrounding his act of personal disappearance, you may have to connect to the Internet more creatively. Hiding the government is different from hiding from his family. In any case, digital is not the kind of disconnection that I am referring to.

To make it disappear, you have to cut connections with your family. In order to obtain a government security clearance, you do lots of questions about your family and friends. This is because their emotional ties can be used against you. Your enemies can shoot you torturing your feelings and open sores that have nothing to do with physical damage. It serves to be a tracer jump for banks. My job was to find anywhere in the world you can be hidden. Carmen Sandiego could not hide. Waldo could not hide. However, you are a person in three dimensions. You have free will. You can take precautions. Disconnect from your family and friends potential short routes to find you. If you are seriously trying to start a new life, you can not bring those links with you, and check them out before is similar to the crime scene.

As a note cut personal links, I know this is difficult. The thought that provides anxiety and fear. These afflictions have to face sooner or later no matter if you are in your new life or in your life. Know that if you lose someone in your life, you can meet new people. Life will continue. Effort and work is necessary, and may have sleepless nights feel like a failure, but the journey will make you stronger and more ingenious. There is a new world out there that is yours for taking.

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Hiding in a normal site

One of the most effective defense mechanisms you can use is the tactic of hiding in a flat place. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it works much better than it sounds on the surface. The most obvious way to hide the simple site is simply to ignore someone. If the reason you want to disappear and start a new life is to get out of someone, it may be possible to simply ignore them. To apply this concept to another point of view when I was blowing the whistle on Bank of America, they retaliated with brutal tactics were taken. My lawyer advised me to lower my head, but was too annihile with Anonymous. Instead, I hid on the Internet and finally, in the media. To hide in the plain site, I defended effectively against a lot of dishonest tactics used by a big machine with a single unknown.

Here’s another example: in high school, ummm … boy who knew his friend … and prove safety store with creative techniques openly. What … they discovered that the best way to avoid security is hidden from view. They prove this theory walking in grocery stores in several “peak hours”, filling a basket, embolsĀ·ndolo and without paying. The motives have been proved repeatedly in an increasingly shameless manner. Later, as an adult, one of these guys ended up testing the idea with several badges and work uniforms. The lesson to be learned from all this experimentation is that the more obvious you are, the less likely it is that someone thinks you see what you see. If you want to disappear, tell everyone you are invisible. Or simply stay on site until everyone agrees that they are there. Whatever you decide to do, it has. Reality exists at the intersection of perspective and perception. Learn to dance in the streets.

Good ideas / bad idea

Good Idea – Effective use for all purposes …

Bad Idea – Plastic … and turn to your cleaner more than your waitress …

Good Idea – Have a plan, but be open to spontaneously react to obstacles …

Bad Idea – Going blind and angry when things do not go as planned …

Good Idea – Be nice to every person you meet …

Bad Idea – Be nice with every snake to find ….