Ditch Everyone and Disappear Forever

So you have decided that you want to leave the map and leave behind Big Brother. It is harder than ever in our world still connected, but if you are ready to plan your great disappearing act, here are some tips to get you started.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not crazy. Our guide to deposit the card is a perennial favorite Mal week.

Who has not thought about how nice it would be to start over in a new place, preferably with a pleasant climate and cheaper drinks? Whatever your reasons for wanting to disappear, perhaps you want to get the man of her back, with sufficient diligence and planning can go and start over elsewhere.

In the lower part of his life away and start again, which became the book How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, leave false trails, and disappear without a trace by Frank M. Ahearn and Eileen C. Horan. Frank Ahearn is the grizzled grandfather disappearing act. After 20 odd years working as a skip-tracer a researcher who specializes in looking for people who do not want to be found, he realized he could make almost as much money and incur less risk of help people prevent researchers like him. We sacrificed some of the suggestions below Ahearn, but if you are really serious, his book is a pocket guide to missing.

How not to disappear

The cardinal sin of any serious loss is the drama. You do not disappear with success by organizing an act of disappearance developed which ultimately involves a search of the three states, police dogs, and his hometown believes he was attacked by a bear and dragged into the dark night. Ahearn stresses the importance of disappearing in a legal way. It should not, for example, try to secure false documents: It is a crime to use a false identity and has no idea if they are guaranteed legitimate papers. (If the new social security number belongs to a death or a criminal? What if the passport is false that bought and is now looking down a customs agent?). Instead, you want to hide your identity in a way that is so difficult for people to follow that nothing less than a government working group will miss patience or funding stubbornly keep trying to find. Here is a little how it could work.

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Minimize social links

People who throw all their garbage hurriedly into a suitcase and run out the back door are those who fail to disappear. Instead, one of his most important works, before his disappearance success is slowly reduced fat from your social life. Stop using Facebook ditch all social networks, perhaps under the pretext that you spend too much time online (or any other claim that the people around you accept more “I touch my horrible life and move Belize “).

You want to minimize the social footprint of occupation so that when suddenly you are standing on, few people will notice or care. If you are the most prominent member of the local social scene and disappear tomorrow, people will notice. Minimize your virtual journey is more important than minimizing their real life of the track. It only takes a few minutes to comb researcher through social networks and search results, but hours and additional to investigate foot and telephone charges. Photo by Luis Perez.

The only social connection most people are not willing to give up is the communication with their closest relatives. Unless your immediate family is the reason that pulls a disappearing act, it is likely that you still want to talk to their parents or siblings. This may be the most difficult to break communication, and where almost everyone fails. All the planning in the world is worthless if called his parents to their new location and a skip tracer gets your hands on the phone records. If you want to contact your family or your best friend after he disappeared less desirable people in your life, then you need to know in advance how you will do it. Do not contact them directly from any account to your new life or a new home. anonymous email accounts and prepaid phone cards and mobile phones are the only way that we will be whether the grandmother hip surgery went well.

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Ditch the plastic; Cash is king

Get used to the idea of ditches luxuries he had in his previous life. No more credit cards, proximity cards and loyalty cards, even simple things like a holiday card videos. Pay cash for everything and do not use anything that could link his new life and his plans to his old life. Do not look at books on Chile from the local library or buy them with a credit card. Do not use a credit card or frequent flier miles to book a flight out of the country. Your goal in all he does is to minimize the number of connections between your old life and your new life. Every time you interact with another person or company, ask yourself “Is this the least traceable method I can use?” Do I pay cash for a cup of coffee in an old coffee? Dark. Paying with a card credit for a cup of coffee at an airport kiosk under the four different security surveillance camera? Not in the least stealthy. money talks.

Lie, lie and lie some more

Ahearn comes in vivid detail on the subject of misinformation and its importance to disappear. Plotters are observed that the thing blow up hope for most is just enough information, too little and you will never find their prey, excess and they lose their time and funding for research in the wrong places. Its purpose is to create misinformation.

As he prepares to disappear gradually begin to dodge the companies have information on you. “Correct,” the spelling of your name on file with the local utility, tell them they have the wrong number of social security and offer a correction, change your e-mail for your accounts to a section of the false message is set by a private courier company. If people come looking for you, you want to lose time looking in the wrong places. Chapters 7, 8 and 9 of the book are entirely devoted to Ahearn misinformation, creating false leads (with examples of their work are so smart that you only want to hire to see it in action), and in firmly establishing a new place.

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The incorporation, the binding of adhesive

At this point, you may be nodding, thinking the plan sounds good so far, except for a dazzling detail. If you can not use anything less money how on earth will establish a new identity in the new location? Since you do not want to lead the life of an illegal alien in its new location, you’ll need a way to have a legal presence that is not closely related to its former identity.

The creation of a company to manage its assets is one way many people deal with their problems once they are gone. His company, vaguely related to you and not in the way that is easily identifiable to skip tracers will be the entity that leases your apartment, pay their utility bills, and other delegates how their money while acting as a shield between you and those who are looking for you. The details of this are the most discussed between you and a lawyer or after extensive research into this type of business (and where) would be the best choice for you.

Finally: Do not Bother If you are not committed

Disappearance is not easy. You do not just fake your own death, buying false documents in an alley of a boy with a noticeable accent, then retire to a life of leisure on a small island. Disappear, and do it legally and without incurring more headache which you flee, requires careful planning. You must be willing to cut off contact with almost all known (if not all), change the way we buy, and even ditch his hobby. a way to start a hunt with people who want to find and be ready and strong enough to survive disappear in this game. If you can not do that, you lose a lot of time and money to disappear but fails.