How to download music from YouTube

the channel’s most popular music in the world is not iTunes, Spotify or Radio 1 – is YouTube. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and a large part of this video is the music – but music in a format that is not ideal for listening on portable devices like smartphones or iPods. This does not mean that you can not download or change the format, however.

What you need to know about music files and quality

When a service like ClipConverter, we will do in this tutorial is used, you will receive a variety of different file formats and settings for the music file that is created. The options you choose here will affect which devices can play music files, and can also affect the quality of the end result sounds.

ClipConverter offers three choices of music: MP3, M4A and AAC. MP3 works on almost all radio equipment for intelligent cars, and played happily on iPods and smart phone also music. However, it is an older format and is not as effective as the standards of modern music, which can store more quality music in the same amount of space.

other options ClipConverter, M4A and AAC, are two of these standards. They are widely supported too, but found that those who do not play on some devices such as radios of cars compatible with USB. If care is taken, the use of MP3: do not include copy protection and the same quality parameters that sound better than MP3 files do.

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Once you have chosen your format, the next step is to decide what you want bitrate. The bit rate is literally the number of bits per second using the file format – the more bits, the better. files music bitrates are measured in kilobits per second or kbps for short, so an MP3 with a bitrate of 256 kbps should be twice as good as an MP3 with a bitrate of 128 kbps. And this is true largely because MP3 uses what is called compression “lossy”.

Lossy compression: what it is, and it is good

Lossy compression is based on a simple idea: A computer analyzes the music and gets rid of all you choose is not important. This greatly reduces the amount of space a music file takes – compared to music files with CD quality MP3 file is one twelfth the size – but the more he throws, the better the quality becomes.

An MP3 file encoded at 320 kbps looks almost identical to the original, but the same music at 128 kbps is significantly worse. Unless you use headphones or speakers really bad, 128 kbps MP3 sound pretty awful compared to the rest of your music.

The choice of bit rate right music YouTube

Watch a movie in black and white on a magic color TV no coloring, and hit its maximum speed configuration bit audio converter not magically improve the sound quality of a YouTube video if the original is not.

In most cases, the music heard in a YouTube video is a 128 AAC 192 kbps stream – although YouTube video uploaded recommends using a bitrate of 384 kbps for stereo audio. This can be for the future of the board, or it can be to get the best results from compression own music Google, but anyway, this means there is little incentive to go beyond 192 kbps to create AAC / M4A files, or about 256 kbps for MP3.

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It is the legal music download YouTube?

That is a very good question. Surely it is against the terms and conditions of YouTube, who say it can not use its content for transmission, and one could argue that it is unethical also: many artists rely on ads YouTube for their income, so reading without any advertising you do deprives them of income.

We suspect that the legality of which is similar to block ads – content owners well not do this and do everything to stop the work tools, but not much they can actually do to prevent free administrative hearing if supervision is under “fair use” in terms of copyright. Again, we are not lawyers, to perform this at your own risk.

Okay, so suppose you have found an artist who is happy to download your music. Here’s how.

Stage 1
Find the artist whose song or songs you want to upload. In this example, we will use our own music and we are given permission to download it because we’re nice like that. In the browser address bar, select the video address – it will be something like: – and use Ctrl-C (Command-C a Mac) to select.

Step 2
I there are a lot of YouTube converters out there, but our favorite is as it runs in the browser and not try to install unwanted software, toolbars and other irritations. Pop along and use Ctrl-V (Command-V on a Mac) to paste the address of the clip in the URL box to download media.

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step 3
Click the file type you want to create. MP3 provides greater compatibility, but M4A and AAC provides better sound quality in smaller files. If you select MP3 you can choose between Auto mode, where ClipConverter sets the quality parameter for you, or you can remove the check mark and choose the bit rate you.

step 4
Click Continue and ClipConverter will check the URL and choose the video clip. No need to change anything here, unless you want the highest quality option. Give the song a filename, then click Start.

step 5
ClipConverter now do their work – usually it’s very, very quickly – and is presented with a download link. Just click on it, find the song in the download folder and open it to hear the melody in all its glory. You can repeat the process for as many songs as you want.