Downloading Songs from Soundcloud

Music hosting service SoundCloud makes it easy to share your voice, music or any other audio with a few clicks. It is very good, but sometimes are desperate to download and save actually a SoundCloud track. This bookmarklet hand, courtesy pheuter github user adds a link MP3 download any track on SoundCloud.

To install the bookmarklet, first drag and drop below the toolbar of your browser bookmarks link:

SoundCloud Download

Right-click the bookmark and select Edit (Chrome) or Properties (Firefox). Copy and paste the following text in the URL field (Chrome) or field (Firefox):
javascript: (function (b) {var a = b.createElement ( “a”); a.innerText = “Download MP3”; a.href = “” + b. . querySelector ( “img # main internal content [class = waveform]”) src.match [1] (/ \ com \ / () \ _ /..); = b.querySelector ( “em “) .innerText +” mp3. “; b.querySelector (” principal “) appendChild (a) ;. =” 10px. “; =” red “; = 700}) (document);
Click Save and SoundCloud bookmarklet is ready to roll. The next time you want to download any piece of audio SoundCloud but downloading is not enabled, click the handy bookmarklet and a download link Red MP3 magically appear on the player. Do not abuse it, and everybody wins.

Bookmarklet generated download link for load Soundcloud | GitHub

(Apologies for the installation bookmarklet additional steps beyond simply dragging and mungs publishing platform launched our code fall into links bookmarklet) ….

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