Downloading Youtube Videos

With the growing popularity of watching videos online, there are a lot of great content that is available on YouTube; if you want this content to achieve, even in offline mode, then you need to download the videos to your devices. There is a growing need for applications to your phone, tablet or computer, allowing you to download videos, but fortunately, there are many options available.

Please note that the YouTube terms of service say: “You should not download any Content unless you see a” download “or similar link displayed by YouTube on the service for that content,” So. if you see the button download, you can legally download video easily without the need for third-party application.

The terms most added: “You can not copy, reproduce, make available online or by email, publish, adapt, distribute, transmit, display, sell, license, or otherwise exploit any Content for other purposes without the consent YouTube prior written or respective content licenses. “so if the video does not have a download button, be sure to get their consent before proceeding.

Try different methods of downloading a YouTube video on different platforms, but this is not an exhaustive list, only we liked. These are our preferred option to download videos from YouTube for offline use, on each platform.
One thing you have to do in most of these methods is to decide what quality and format of the video you want to download. If you are looking for something small that can be played on most mobile devices, you should choose one of the 3GP options – 144p will be smaller and may have artifacts, while an MP4 720p is very exaggerated if you just want to see on a phone little. An MP4 360p looks good on most phone screens without eating too much of your data plan either.

Keepvid is one of the simplest ways to download videos from web forms, and all you need is the URL – the address of the website that appears on the bar where the name of a site is written – to download the files.

To use KeepVid, you must follow these steps:

1. Open the video you want to save YouTube. Click on the address bar, and then select and copy the entire address.

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2. Then go to the website KeepVid.

3. On the site, you see a form where you can enter the link to the video you want to download. Paste the URL you copied earlier in this bar, and then click the Download button on the right. Immediately a list of links will be obtained, mentioning different formats and sizes.

4. Select the file you want from the list of formats and sizes, then right click on this particular link. To save the file, select Save As … and you will be asked where you want to save the file to your computer.

browser extension
In case you do not want to go through the hassle of copying and pasting the data each time, browser extensions are a great shortcut. Our favorite is running Opera, Firefox and Chrome. To use it, you must first install the extension.

Click the link to download the extension for your browser. Opera, Firefox or Chrome.
Once the extension is installed, a button appears in the upper right corner of your browser.

To download a video, follow these steps:

1. Go to the video page and click the extension button.

2. A drop-down menu appears with a number of options. Click the download of the current page.

3. This takes you to the official website where the video URL is already treated.

4. You can see the general information about the video as the title (video name), duration and source. You can choose to download the video in a format like (FLV 240p, 720p MP4, 3GP 240p) below download links.

5. Click the format you want and select Save Link As … to download the file.
Internet Explorer is not compatible with complement, so we decided to go with FastestTube that is as good as any other extension. These are the steps:
1. Visit the page to download the extension.

2. Click the Internet Explorer icon.

3. Setting FastestTube is discharged. Follow the steps to install the extension download.

4. Open the YouTube video to download.

5. A download button appears below the video.

6. Click the Download button and a drop down menu showing various formats in which the video can be downloaded.

7. Video format and the download will begin.

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Windows / OS X
If you do not want to use a Web site or a browser extension, but an independent program on your computer, YouTubeDownloader (YTD) has you covered.

1. Go to page video conversion far this year.

2. Click the free download button.

3. YouTube downloader is downloaded to the default download folder on your system.

4. Double-click the file to install YTD Video Downloader.

5. Once the download is complete, open YouTube and copy the video URL to download.

6. Open YTD and click the Paste URL button.

7. You can select the video quality by clicking the Download Quality drop-down list and select one of the options listed in the dropdown menu.

8. Now, just click the Download button in the lower right corner.

9. You can pause or stop the download by clicking on the video and select the stop button above or rupture.

10. To see the video click the icon file downloaded just above the video box and open the location where the video was uploaded.

windows phone
There are many applications to download YouTube videos available in the Windows Store, some are paid while others are free. Select Tube Pro, as it is extremely easy to use, with not many options before downloading the video – just search and download.

To download, download videos application first. Start the application and see the menu screen with various options like Hot Videos, Favorites, offline playlist, playlist and Mi Mi download. There is also a top menu that includes the most popular music, sports and video.

Then follow these steps:

1. Press the search icon down and enter the name of the video you want to download. Made just below the search bar high-definition picture, you can choose whether you want the search to return only high-definition video.

2. Touch the video you want results, check the boxes quality parameter LQ, HQ and HD – medium low, high quality and high definition, respectively – and press the download button to start downloading.

3. Once you have downloaded a video, you can play from the application itself, going to the My downloads.

Our Android app favorite in this category is TubeMate. The free application is available on Google Play, however, and you must install the Amazon Appstore for Android for it.

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Installation Appstore for Android

1. In the phone, first open Settings and go to Applications and find the unknown sources option. If it is not (this varies depending on the aircraft), then Settings, go to a safe place. Unknown sources option and press OK on the confirmation window.

2. Then visit the AppStore link and download the APK.

3. In the file browser, find AmazonApps-release.apk and press it. Tap Install and once installation is complete, click Open to start the application.

Then you can install TubeMate and download videos.

1. TubeMate YouTube Downloader Search and press the Install button.

2. Once installation is complete, click the application icon to launch the application.

3. In the application, click the search icon and type the name of the video.

4. Wait until all videos are loaded, then touch the one you want.

5. Press the green arrow in the upper right corner is the download icon to download YouTube video that is currently played.

6. You can download several videos and also allows you to play only the audio of the video.

7. A pop-up window appears saying analyzing video information. This essentially means that the video information is being processed.

8. Immediately thereafter, a list of video formats appear and you can select any of them.

9. Just click on the download button below to download video from YouTube on your Android phone.

10. If you want to check that the video is downloaded just press the icon semicircle and enter the download section, showing current downloads.

11. If, by chance, you have to pause the video below, the TubeMate application allows you to resume downloading from the same point where it left off.

On the iPhone, we find download video and DVD, which lets you download videos from YouTube on your device. Here’s what to do:

1. Download & Install Video Player app from the App Store.

2. Start the application and click on the search bar.

3. Look for the video to download.

4. Select the video and click the video cache memory. The video will begin downloading.

5. You can check the downloaded files Videos section below.

6. The application also allows you to watch videos online.