Drying Herbs at Home

Compared to other techniques such as hanging or drying oven, the microwave produces the most powerful dried herbs with a fresher taste and more vibrant colors. Over on Serious Eats, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt explains why:

The microwaves are directed specifically water, such as heating. Microwaves operate using electromagnetic radiation wave which cause long polar molecules in their food quickly return back. By far the most abundant polar molecule in everything we eat is water. So really, a microwave all the food is not heated, the water is heated only … What this means is that a microwave water can evaporate very effectively if their herbs – especially because they are so well – leaving the aromatic compounds and color pigments almost intact.
In addition, once the drying fact, Kenji recommended to take things a step further by grinding; then they are ready to be infused oils, added to spice blends used as friction, sprinkle popcorn, whatever. Meet at the link below for a more detailed, more a tutorial will explain step by step not.

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