How to eat properly Pomegranate

Grenades are so delicious red fruit that appears in stores during the fall season. They are also known as the Chinese apple. Unlike the regular apple, well eat the seeds. You can also eat white skin surrounding the seeds, but do not eat the outer hard skin.

Although it takes a little work, the tangy flavor and versatility of Granada is a great addition to your fall and early winter menu.

Pomegranates are a superfood, too, which means they are full of many things that are good for you: Vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium, among others. Its list of benefits includes the fight against cancer, improve dental health and a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

This guide will give you tips on selecting, cutting and how to eat in Grenada.

Selecting a Granada
In the store, look for fruits that are heavy for their size and also in good condition. The skin is very thick, and did an excellent job of protecting the fruit, a spot here and there is quite good.

The cutting fruit
Your best bet when it comes to grenades is to put a paper towel under the fruit, whatever surface you are using. The juice stains almost everything he touches and a paper towel will help absorb some of it during cutting.

Cut the top of the fruit, then the bottom.

Now imagine that the fruit has four equal sections. Do you want the skin in these four sections. Do not cut all the way through; just go deep enough to break the skin and reach the white part. This way, you are minimizing the cut in the juicy seeds.
The dry method

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Then pull the fruit apart, giving the four sections.

Using your fingers, pull the fleshy seeds and put them in a bowl. Fold the back skin to help you get more seeds away from the bone.

Water method

Or, if you prefer, fill a container with water and place Granada scored in the container with water that covers much as possible. Pull the fruit apart in four sections and begin to pull the skin on the back of the seeds. This will help the white seeds emerge and float to the surface. The seeds sink to the bottom.

Using the water method minimizes the juice squirted on you or other surfaces.

Once you separate the seeds, remove as much fat water of the surface of the bone as possible; You can use a wire mesh to help capture more of the same. Do not worry if you do not receive every room, because you tend.

seeds Strain

Pour the seed (and water, when using the water method) in a colander. Remove any remaining marrow and rinse the seeds.

food grains of Granada

At this point, you can place the seeds in a bowl and eat well as it is. Or, sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar to sweeten some more.

However, you must not stop there: you can use them in different recipes. Any recipe that calls for dried cranberries is an excellent candidate for use in Granada. Use them in salads, as part of the pumpkin filling, nuts, pancakes or even in the sauce!

You can also use them in your favorite desserts: put them in whipped cream on pumpkin pie, caramel drizzled on ice cream or in a cobbler recipe.

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pomegranate juicing

If the juice is desired, follow the above procedure to separate the seeds from the pith. Take the seeds and put one or two cups in a blender and then strain the juice through cheesecloth. Remember surfaces juice stains, so be careful as they mingle.

Another way to make juice is to shoot a Grenade on a hard surface while pressing gently but firmly. The seeds will be opened, releasing the juice inside the fruit. Put a straw or other utensil into the skin to release the juice.