How to end a relationship nicely ?

Why a Clean Break Is the Best Way to End a Relationship

One of the biggest challenges in life is to face the reality of a moribund relationship with someone who, once loved and cared for, and kill things. But as this video explains the school of life, that make it more difficult for both parties when we delay the inevitable to be “nice.”

The video explains that a great reason why many relationships end up badly is that people simply do not want to risk being hated even if prolonging the relationship is unfair and wasting time for you and the other person. The best way to end a relationship, then, is to drag each of the hopes that you have a tenacious feeling.

There is no excuse for the delay. You imagine not making someone lug around for how long they can persist in the benign illusion you want.
Moreover, this “goodness” comes from a narcissistic desire to continue to receive love without return. Mustering the courage to end a relationship is easier said than done, of course, and certainly does not feel right, nor becomes easier. But really good is to know on the way and let the person live his life without false hopes.

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