How to do eyebrows makeup with pencil ?

10 Eyebrow Mistakes You Donít Know Youíre Making

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make when modeling and maintaining eyebrows. Find out why are no-nos, and see if you’ve been making these mistakes yourself!

1. Error: Fixing an unibrow to extend its eyebrows away

Why: Often, when people are looking after an unibrow or just extra-shaggy ends, they end up ransoming a gap between his eyebrows that is wider than the Grand Canyon. It seems unbelievably natural and just bad.

The solution: Hold a thin brush or makeup pencil and line up vertically with the edge of its inner tear canal. Such is the furthest an eyebrow must be plucked.

2. Error: match the color of your face with your hair exactly

Why: This is especially a problem for people who dye their hair. Brown hair is brown dyed and a buy eyebrow pencil. You hair is discolored and believes that you must now brush your eyebrows. Eyebrows and shades of hair do not have to be an exact match to look good!

The solution: whether dye or eyebrow pencil, choose a shade of brown with a slight hue that goes with the color of your hair is usually your best option. For blondes, you can choose to go darker than several tones your hair; In fact, this is how most natural blondes are clear.

3. Error: Ignore your natural arch

Why: Just because your eyebrows do not have an angle of 45 degrees, does not mean that the arc zero. Check your eyes, there is probably at least a slight arch along the top edge. Pinching the eyebrows in a straight line or round arch keeps that hidden when you might be looking fierce.

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Fixation: On defrock, combine the lower edge with the upper arch. You will find that the arc becomes different when it forms its opposite side.

4. Errors: bushy eyebrows

Why? Eyebrows with fairly scattered hairs to let the skin below show could be too softened its features or just look directly into mess.

The solution: fill the eyebrows, girl. Invest in an eyebrow pencil in an appropriate shade. Not heard shade what to buy? Go to a store or makeup and ask one of the beauticians to walk for advice. They will be happy to help you or even fill your eyebrows there to show you how it looks. You do not have to buy makeup.

5. Error: Superior over-edge tweezing his eyebrows

Why: This can easily go wrong and spoil the natural shape of your eyebrows. You could lose that ark he was talking about.

The solution: If the safe top edge needs to be tame, get your eyebrows waxed or threaded by a professional. For the maintenance of the house, adhere to under the front.

6. Error: Place thick eyebrow makeup

Why: It seems that your eyebrows are painted on one side. And you’re probably drowned the rest of your face.

Fastening: Use soft and short strokes instead of pressing down or dragging lines completely. It is easier to control what you are doing.

7. Error: Try to match perfectly with the shapes of the eyebrows

Why? You will end up from your quest to make your eyebrows look identical. It is normal if they have slight differences.

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The solution: Remember this common mantra: “Eyebrows are sisters, not twins.”

8. Errors: Pinching too short or too long to keep them

Why? Eyebrows that are too short can make your eyes and nose look too large; Eyebrows that go too far his eyes narrow and dominate his face.

The solution: The golden rule for length is to take your makeup brush or pencil, align vertically against the side of his nose, then tilt it away from your nose and the other end rests on the outer corner of the eye. The top of the pencil handle / brush is where your forehead should end.

9. Error: Make eyebrows before you get the most out of your makeup

Why: Your complexion is different after you put in the foundation and / or blush. You make eyebrows for a different complexion if you book before.

The solution: Make dye / fill the eyebrows one of the last steps in any makeup routine you do. This way, the rest of your best face can be compared!

10. Error: Tweezing before shower

Why: Hot water in the shower sometimes loosens hair follicles and some eyebrow hairs probably escape during washing. It could have a noticeable effect on their newly plucked eyebrows, could not. There is a potential risk unless you have dense eyebrow hairs that are stronger than an ox.

The solution: Simple, do not start if you take a shower or bath in the near future.