How to fight, just follow these steps.

A fight is a fight in which two or more people are competing for dominance and respect. Although back a fight is usually your best option if you have to fight, then you should know how to defend and how to attack your opponent at the right time. As street fighting or fighting in the controlled environment, how to take the right position and target the weakest areas of your opponent can save your life. If you want to know how to fight, just follow these steps.
1Fighting dirty
Blow your opponent where it hurts. If there are no rules in their struggle, their only goal is to win. If you want to win a fight, then you do not have to follow label Fighting 101 – just try to get your opponent to be injured, paralyzed, or fall to the ground, giving you enough time to get out. Here are some ways to do this: [1]
rival knee in the groin. This is guaranteed to stop it in its tracks.
Under kicked his opponent in the groin, knee or abdomen. Hang it using the bottom of your foot. Be sure to do this quickly and remain in balance – that can easily be thrown off his game while you’re kicking.

Attacking the face of his opponent. The face is another very vulnerable place to attack. Damage to the eyes, nose and face your opponent can be a great way to cause great pain and greatly slow down your opponent. Here are some methods to treat: [2]
Headbutt his opponent’s face. Use the forehead to slam his opponent on his nose. This may break your nose if you do it the right way.
Poke his eyes with his fingers. This can cause excruciating pain and can blind and disorient your opponent enough so you can escape and cause more damage time.
punch him in the nose. This is a very effective place to cause serious damage.
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Go to the neck and throat. Hitting the neck and face your opponent is guaranteed to stop cold, if only for a short period of time. If you really want to cause injury, try these little delicate movements [3]
Pierce his opponent in the back of the neck to make temporary darkening.
Punch your opponent in the center of the throat to cause damage to the airways.

offensively 2Fighting
Please combat position. If you want to fight, you will have to be in the position battle. To do this, simply extend your legs on the width of the shoulders and slightly bend your knees so that you are not standing completely upright. You need to keep the balance not to discard the soil. Stay loose. Bouncing slightly as you adjust your position by taking small steps and keep your hands to protect his face.
Gritting his teeth will make you less likely to get a broken jaw if you are a punch.
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Punch your opponent. The first thing to do is make your fist in the right direction. To make an effective part, bend your four fingers down to your hand and place your thumb on the outside of the fingers – not inside, unless you want to break your thumb. Punch his opponent in the nose or the stomach to cause serious damage. The simple straight punch is the best for inexperienced fighters. Here’s how:
Keep elbow bent at an angle of 30-45 degrees in front of your face, and keep your hands at all times.
Expand your fist with his elbow and shoulder, straighten your arm.
Push your weight with your shoulder and arm, which connects the punch at the top of its extension for more strength to their success.
Attack first. Once you have obtained your foot, do not hesitate. Throw the first punch is much more likely to get rid of their opponent and will give the dominant position in the fight. Do not spend too long without going through your opponent or try to get in the perfect position. Instead, success once you have a clear picture.
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Match your strengths to the fight. Use the beginning of the struggle to get an idea of ??how it makes your opponent. Base your own goals combat their strengths and weaknesses:
If you are taller, try to keep his opponent at bay. Its members will be allowed longer distance hit your opponent can not cover.
If you are shorter, hurry up and get closer. They will try to keep away from using his height to his advantage.
If you are faster, have fast, hit fast and get out fast. Make your battles effective bursts.
If you are slower, keep it simple. Make the opponent come to you, instead of chasing.
Knowing your strengths, and use them at the right time. A calculated move much beyond a dozen of those not calculated.

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Defeat your opponent if taken from behind. This is a position you want to leave as quickly as possible, before your opponent is on the ground and dominating. So here are some steps to try to neutralize and turn back in the right direction:
Stomp on the neck. Land on the heel as hard as you can on the instep of his opponent and wait howl of pain.
Make him head back. Throw your head back up to the nose of his opponent. It will be released after having done the damage.
Drain fingers. Instead of grabbing his wrists, put your hands all around her fingers and squeeze until it gives up.
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Save your energy. Focus your energy on your moves and do many moves you tired yourself in the middle of the fight. Some opponents will try to make “dance” so they can attack once been exhausted. Be prepared to practice “Aikido”. Take a couple of shots while protecting itself can be exhausting and mentally defeat your opponent.
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Never look away from your opponent. Never look away from your opponent. Sometimes your opponent will do nothing if you look away, but the most experienced fighters will use this and can stun.
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Feign an attack. Every time you attack, you become vulnerable. If you drill, for example, that the arm is more available to the defense, and the opponent can block the punch and go to your place now vulnerable with the other hand. If simulates an attack, however, your opponent will react to an attack and become vulnerable. The key is to convince the person to make a move, and to predict how they will react.
You can mix false attacks with real attacks so that the opponent is confused and can not predict whether you follow through their movements.

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defensively 3Fighting

A blow to the head. Although not perforated is your best choice, if you fight, you probably will punches at a time, so you better know how to avoid it. To receive a blow to the head, move the drilling, gnashing his neck and jaw clenching to minimize the impact. Directing his forehead with the punch, so that your opponent ends up hurting the hand rather than hurting your nose, cheek or jaw. [4]
Leaning toward the punch instead of the standard in fact minimize the impact of the punch, because your opponent will have less time to gain momentum.

Receive a stomach blow. If a punch is coming to your stomach, you have to tighten your stomach muscles without sucking your stomach. If you can, try to move so that you get hit on your side instead of directly into the stomach, which can damage organs and cause pain enough to bend over. [5]
Avoid holding your breath or literally gasping for you. Instead, try to breathe a bit before the coup, which naturally strengthen your stomach.

Avoid being loaded and run. If your opponent tries to attack you, then he come close to the ground and wrapped his arms around her waist and hips while trying to destabilize our balance. Do not try to grab the head, although it may be tempting. Instead, move your hands forward and grabbed her hips or upper body, trying to push him away. [6]
After you have created enough distance and balance recovered, so you can try to shoot your opponent in the groin or stomps on his feet.

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Avoid strangulation. If your opponent is on his back and has a chokehold, do not try to bend your knees and throw him on his back. In fact, this will strengthen their control and could cause serious damage, especially if you are not strong enough to maintain your weight. Instead, turn the starter, grabbing the opponent’s arm is around her neck, leaning to one side to create a space between the two until it slides on the side of the back.
If it leans to one side enough, you can even make your opponent fall to the ground. Once you have it down, you could try to nail in the back.

Know what to do if you fall to the ground. If the attacker is on his back, he will not depart from it and try to get up. His gaze is a way to ensure that arouses attention immediately. Instead, keep seeing your attacker and raise your legs, trying to hit as hard as possible to the shin, knee or groin. If it is low to the ground, through its face. Once you’ve caused enough damage, you can pop back up. [7]
Once you have a kick or injure your opponent, making it bounce, roll to one side and then use your arms to support the weight of your body you are the foot.
Continue to see your opponent, even when trying to stand. You may think you’re hurt, but can come right to you while you are still struggling to stand.

Do not let your opponent pinned to the ground. If you are on the floor with your opponent, you need to avoid using the bike, or get on top of you at all costs. Get on the side or upside down – your chances of escape are better if it was immobilized on his back. Once he assumed this position, trying to climb as fast as possible to get up and away.
If you stuck in the back, which will easily be able to identify and hit him in the face. Avoid this maneuver at any price.

Hurler. If you want to get out of the fight as soon as possible, just scream your heart as you fight. This makes it much more likely that someone will come to scare your opponent and bring you to safety. Even if you are in a place that feels abandoned, try to scream as loud as you can anyway, hoping that someone will come. Screams will also get rid of his opponent because he will not wait until you scream in the middle of a fight.
Even if no one comes to their rescue, yelling can disorient your opponent and frightening to think that someone else will come.