7 Tools to find someone online

Finding a way to contact someone has become a lot easier: just write your name on Google and follow some links. For many people, you will quickly find a profile on Facebook, a blog or even an email address that you can use to get in touch. However, a Google search does not produce good results for all. Perhaps the person seeking to get is a fairly common name. You may need a little better than a simple Google search tool to find.

1. Pipl
Pipl is a free search tool, but brings the results of several other sites that charge for access to certain documents. Among these various sources, Pipl offers a number of addresses and phone numbers, as well as links to public documents, online mentions and other useful information. Particularly useful is the ability to search Pipl a specific city, department or postal code. If you know the geographic location of the person in question, you can limit the search results to that domain.

2. YoName
If you are sure you want to find the person has a profile on a social networking site, a good search tool is YoName. The site searches a whole list of different social networking sites, big names such as less common MySpace options and Webshots. The results may take some time to look through, but the process is facilitated by the fact that they are arranged in a table – you can navigate through it quickly.

3. Zoom Infos
Zoom Info is especially useful if you are looking to communicate with someone at work. The search results include job titles and employers, as well as locations. The site offers a “contact with this person” button, but necessary to sign up for a free trial to use it. After the free trial, use this button and some of the other features of the site cost $ 99 per month If you are willing to do a little more manual work by calling the company that is listed and see if you can ask for a direct number or email address, you can usually ignore paying this fee.

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4. Jobster
The main objective of Jobster is to search for jobs, but also offers an individual search tool. In most cases, it is used for employers and recruiters looking for potential clients – but can provide contact information that can help with your search. Other workstations offer a similar opportunity, too.

5. Internal search
Unfortunately, you may find yourself in need of finding the inside – while the site is not pretty, includes a list of contact information for each state system to find prisoners, as well as the federal system. Unfortunately there are not many options to search all states at once, but if you know the state of the person you are looking for may be imprisoned, you can speed up the search process.

6. Intelius
To access most of the information available through Intelius, you will be asked to pay a fee. The site offers everything from phone numbers to complete the background check and may even have useful information. I bought Intelius information in the past and brought me to exactly the person I was looking for. However, I know that the price (often in the order of $ 40) can be unpleasant, especially if you are looking in passing or if you need to find information on a long list of people.

7. Zaba Search
I know many people who swear by Zaba Search when it comes to looking for public documents for free. I’ve had minimal luck to myself, but if you have problems, it may be worth trying. Reverse phone look in search of Zaba is particularly problematic – the site actually uses Intelius to look up phone numbers, pricing information.

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