The correct way to fire an employee

One of the hardest parts of running any business is managing people. At this time, in my business, The Pro Charter, we have 38 employees, and unfortunately, in the last five years I have had to pull a few. Firing someone is not pleasant, but with a little research, a little trial and error, a ton, he found a way to make the process as painless as possible for everyone. Then our system shows someone shot; But before you jump in, I want to share with you some quick lessons also had to learn the hard way.

Do not let employees bring to everything that can be achieved in a few boxes maximum. I know it sounds hard, but I made the mistake of allowing people to keep the furniture, which caused a big scene when they went out of business.
a witness to 100 percent of the process is necessary. Neither you nor the witness can leave the room at any time in the process. It’s very important; do not mess this part because it could end in a lawsuit.
Finally, put yourself in the shoes of the other person for a minute. No matter how “bad” they were an employee, do not forget that you are a person and his world shook. You can be firm, fast and compassionate at the same time.

To take someone to be fired, you want to make sure you start the conversation with a phrase that lets them know they are there for the bad news so they have a minute to prepare. In a difficult conversation, we say: “I want the belt, this will be a difficult conversation” Once we say that, we stop only for a few seconds to embrace, and then jump to the right. in the script.

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“Jim have decided to participate with you, with immediate effect. I want you to know that I would give a lot of thought, and my decision is final.”

Here are some things to keep in mind about the above statement: First, it is very important to be brief. Note that he did not give a reason, or trying to justify my decision. Also it made it clear that this is not a negotiation, saying that he had thought long and my decision is final. Someone should try to negotiate, I will remind you of these points. After a brief pause two seconds, had entering the household data. Remember, they are afraid at this time because there are suddenly a lot of unknowns in their lives, and you have to try to alleviate some of those concerns.

“Jim, after finishing here, Joe will guide you to your office so you can pick up and take home. I need your key to the office. His last paycheck plus compensation starting two weeks will be deposited directly into your account on your next payday. Do you have any questions for me? ”

During the last part of the question, who does not want to commit a lot. Often one of your questions are “Why did I get fired?” And we should have prepared a brief answer to this question. For example, “As we have seen, Jim, there have been no problems with you and a few customers, and because of this, it’s best we split.”

You’ll notice that my answer is very short in the Q & A section; Remember, you do not want to participate here. You do not have to tell them what they are horrible, or the amount of money that cost the company. One, they do not care, and two, that have already adopted – no need to shoot them while they are down.

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The script is short and sweet, which is useful. Please do not drag this script. Do not get involved in a rehash of the decision or to discuss issues that are causing the person to be fired. It should be firm and held in place here, or this process will be more unpleasant for everyone.

This is one of the most difficult tasks that business owners deal. Practice and use of the above script allow you the opportunity to separate in a way that is respectful and painlessly as possible for the two, which is also close to the “right” way to fire someone that you and your former employee one that can be obtained.

I want to leave you with one more reason why it is important to be respectful in this process. Infusionsoft my friends say: “All problems are problems of leadership” This means that if you have to fire someone for a performance problem, it is likely that somewhere in the process you or one of your. managers did not lead or provide sufficient training, and less part of the reason why your employee is now out of a job. keep this in mind when you have to let someone go, and it should be easier to deal with kindness and respect.