How to fly Spirit Airlines Without fees

Flying Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines gets a lot of waste. Most of the time, that garbage is well deserved. They abandoned their lame attempts at humor dared, and its CEO, which is a step in the right direction, but still brazenly cheap and awkward quintessential laconic fly. The problem is that their prices are attractively low. It is possible, however, to fly this plane cheap unaccommodating without losing your mind.
His least favorite airline: Spirit Airlines

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As much as people hate Spirit, we must admit: prices are impressive. I recently booked a flight halfway across the country for $ 100 round trip, and it was about $ 200 less than the same path with other airlines. Better yet, is a nonstop flight is a few hours. Yes, the flight will probably be late, and no, you do not have in-flight entertainment, but for $ 100, I am ready to “rough-it” for three hours. It is not the first time I’ve flown with Spirit, either. I learned to get through the experience without losing my shit.

Splurge and get the best seat

Like most airlines, Spirit charges you to choose your own seat. We complain all the costs of stealth aircraft, but considers that flight prices are historically low. It’s cheaper than ever to fly, and that is partly due to the allocation of costs. It can, in many cases, jump on the costs and choose how expensive you want to make your flight. For example, if you do not want to pay seat fees, jump and attack the seat is awarded on the day of your flight.

Unless you are traveling with Spirit. Spirit seats fees range from $ 5 to $ 38, and worth paying money to pick a comfortable seat. It is already saving hundreds, splurging twenty dollars for the best seat in the house. From experience I can say that makes it a much more pleasant flight. In fact, my fiance and I recently booked the best seats on a flight from Spirit and dare I even say it was comfortable.

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There are tools that can help you find the best seat, too. The experts of the seats, for example, the best class and worst seats on various flights for each airline, as SeatGuru. In your mind, you will do well to sit near or in front of the wing.
To sit on a peace plan and the majority of tranquility

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Your flight will probably be late, so therefore Buffer

Airlines mind is notorious for being late. They are, in fact, the worst plan for performance over time, with only 65.3% of its flights arriving on time.

We all have that friend who says he will be there at 3:00, and then does not show up to 04:30. The mind is always your friend-finals airlines and we must learn to adjust your expectations if you want to fly with them. For this reason, I give myself a buffer of time. While it is crucial to reach my destination at a certain time, it will not fly with Spirit, or I’ll book a flight early in the morning.

Of course, depending on your trip, it could mean that you have to register in a hotel before, and this can cost money, which would offset the savings to fly with Spirit. You must do the math for your own situation, since not always worth it. usually I fly Spirit for occasional trips home to visit family and friends. I do not have to pay for housing, and if my flight is delayed, is not the end of the world.

If someone at the airport, you want to ensure they are ready, too. give them your flight number, so you can use Google to track your progress, see the website of the airline for their expected arrival time.

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Bags pay as soon as possible

Like many airlines, Spirit will charge to check a bag. What’s worse, they charge for luggage!
Get around hidden fees Most airlines

The plane is cheaper than used to be. Adjusted for inflation, a Los Angeles ticket in Kansas City costs …
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There are ways around this, however. First, the personal items are free. Depending on your measuring guide for personal items, the element must be 16 x12 “x14”, “what this baggage totally counts as a personal item. If you can fit it all in the bag, you can skip this rate. (In Moreover, next year, increasing the size of 18 x 12 “14”, “not bad).

Otherwise, baggage fees varies from one point and reasonable $ 35 to $ 100 WTF, depending on when you book. This is what your luggage prices vary:

$ 35 when paying in reserve
$ 40 before checking online before web check-in online
$ 45 when you pay online billing
$ 55 when paid at the airport counter
$ 100 when paid at the airport gate
The longer you wait, the more expensive it becomes, so if you think you’ll need more than a small bag, which could also pay in advance when the ticket is purchased.

Buy your tickets separately

I found that it is often cheaper to buy two separate single tickets instead of a return. This is partly because the airlines can change and choose the cheapest flights for each leg of your journey.

By applying this method, I use strategic Spirit. For example, thanks to the jet, flights to the east are a bit shorter. So, I’ll fly Spirit, for example, from California to Washington, DC, because theft is only a few hours. When the flight home, however, I prefer to be more comfortable because the flight is a little longer, so you’ll pay more for a better travel airline. I still owe money in general, but is a good compromise for comfort.

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It depends on the price, too. If the Spirit is much cheaper on one leg, I’m going for it, but if the price difference does not save me so much, I’ll skip the other leg. Here is how a spirit wheel puts the house of a Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

After comparing the additional costs such as checked baggage, I have chosen Spirit on other airlines numerous flights from Dallas / Fort Worth to Denver, Baltimore-Washington, Cleveland, Portland and Boston. All were non-stop since the connection between them can add considerable time to travel on Spirit. Sometimes I fly, for example, Boston on Spirit and the return of JetBlue, according to the schedule the most convenient flight.
Fortunately, Google Flights, it is very easy to compare these flights and explore your schedule so you can find the best prices and most convenient for each leg flights.

Bring your own services

Without this thrust in the hold, Spirit is as barebones as possible. No snacks. They charge $ 3 for water. And you can forget about watching TV in the back in front of you.

Be prepared and bring their facilities. Make sure your devices are fully charged before boarding, pack snacks, and the Star-Telegram offers some additional tips:

Bring a bottle of water empty airport, and after completing safety. Take some sugar sacks and bags or sweetener.

Depending on the flight, you might consider a small external battery power bank to your laptop, tablet or phone.

Because of the low rate, expect a number of young families with babies crying. Earplugs loading and a sleep mask.
Finally, the best advice of all: drinking splurge on if you can. Esprit are a bit cheaper than other airlines, and that will steal much more tolerable.