How to Fold a Burrito like Taco Bell ?

Folding Burrito like Taco Bell

Cinco de Mayo is almost here, which means it’s time to hit the piñata, drinking margaritas and burritos wrap. But not only lay the delicious stuff on a tortilla and roll it is a science to it. The cooks of the stack rather offer advice on the perfect fold.

What is the best technique to close the tortilla in preparing a burrito so do not throw away when it’s time to eat?

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Ryan Elkins answers:

Fold a burrito is a serious matter. It is wrong and you will end up dumping most content anywhere and see how a rookie burrito. Do good things and hands and the plate will be perfectly clean, and you are hungry. Maintenance: publicly display these skills could lead to people wanting to cross the burritos for them.

First: make sure your omelet is ready to be folded. A cold or dry tortilla is likely to crack or split. Use a warm, damp tortilla. Second, do not fill the omelet too. If you have small tortillas not try to make a giant burrito and expect it to work.

Now that we have the basics of how we’ll get to bend. See the flash animation

Place the contents in the approximate center of the tortilla partially folded. Leave enough space at the ends or you’ll definitely food overthrow when folded. Keep tortilla filled so that the weight of the filler strip tightly. If your donkey busts through now, no doubt, it will explode later. Otherwise, go to step 2.
Bend one end to the center.
Fold the other end.
Roll the bottom (closest to you end) up. This is not intuitive, but it is in the right direction. Make sure not to let the tightening food. I keep my fingers in the crease where the bottom edge which has been folded responds to food.
Keep roll.
Om nom nom.
davarino answers:

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The most important and easy to do with any omelette before folding involves heating the tortilla to be flexible and will not crack. The best warming is more of a burner range / stove (naked flame or electric). Just we continue to turn until the tortilla is more rigid. Then fill immediately hot. (You can also use a microwave to heat the tortilla, but it will leave the dryer with an increased risk of “intestinal swelling post-consumer.”)

Be sure to use high quality tortillas, especially for donkeys / burritos. If it is a low-fat or corn / corn tortilla, you have the chance, no matter what. Cracking and will not bend and keep everything. Use flour tortillas. No element of the most authentic Mexican food, but then again, neither is the modern burrito.