Folding Fitted Sheets Easily at home

Fitted sheets with rounded corners odd-elastic and are a puzzle to fold. In other words, unless you know how to fold a fitted sheet as a professional, as the video above shows.

For a sheet in a nice flat rectangle, the key is to have all the pieces back in the other. Watch the video of YouTube user Hisgirl777 for a better show, but here are the steps:

1. Take the hot dryer sheet (fewer wrinkles) and stir.

2. Place the blade down with the long side facing you (through your body).

3. Stick your fingers in the lower left the corner.

4. Take the opposite corner just above the corner and pull your hand.

5. Repeat on the right side: place your right hand on the lower right corner and pull the opposite corner above. You will now be holding the corners in each hand.

6. Turn on your left hand at the corners keep you on the right. Now the four corners will be on your right hand.

7. Place the new square and soft.

8. Place the corners as best you can.

9. rectangles times.

Once done, you may not even be able to tell that it is a fitted sheet. Now it is no longer necessary to put fitted sheets balls in your linen closet.

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