How to Frame a Wall with a Window opening in an existing ?

Framing Wall With Windows

When a wall is constructed, asparagus should be equally spaced from each other. Here’s why the standard 16-inch “in the middle”, and an easy way to mark them.

“16 inches on center,” the center of each 2×4 stud wall is 16 inches from the next. This rule is necessary because supplies are designed to meet the space. For example, isolation and medicine cabinets can connect to a provision of 16 inches. This distance also makes it even easier to locate wall studs hanging mirrors or cabinets.

square, measuring tape and a carpenter pencil to measure and mark their distance precision is required.

Begin aligning the top and bottom plate together and measure the color of 15 1/4 inches to the first side of the shim. Each corresponding measure should be timid prisoners 3/4 inch marks on his tape measure. This will give the pins that are in the design of 16-inch centers. Watch the video below to see this process in action.

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