How to free up space on the iPhone?

On Mac Storage space is a major problem in almost all devices, whether based on Windows or. The same goes for Android and iPhone devices. The more storage space, the more will be the accumulation of data, especially the images. I thwarted lacking storage space? Calm down. We will show you how easy it is to free up space on the iPhone.

Most of the time, are unnecessary files, photos and applications that take up space on your iPhone. Therefore, this problem can be solved by removing unwanted data that can result in optimized storage space and reduce the storage space occupied by photos and applications.

Functionality offered by the software

We will explore this potential features are built into this software.

– IMyfone Umate eliminates corrupted waste and garbage image occupying surplus space on the storage medium

– The storage space is improved because the software manages the applications that are not necessary frequently or never used

– IMyfone Umate automatically saves photos in a folder backup before compression

– Photo files are compressed to a remarkable degree, without affecting the clarity and precision of the image

Note: The iMyfone software indicates that the third-party file cleanup application is not available for iOS8.2 and later since all third-party file management programs can not access the iOS 8.3 directories.

How to Space on iPhone Free

1. Download the software called iMyfone Umate (available for Mac or PC) on your computer. Other software is also available with a limited function to clean only, so we recommend iMyfone Umate.

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2. Install on the Mac or Windows machine and save to the free space on the iPhone. Once iMyfone Umate is installed, ask to connect the device (iPhone, iPad, iPod).

3. Once your iPhone (or iPad, iPod) is connected to the computer, you will see the following screen. Cleaning, Compression and Application Manager enroll in the panel software.

4. The next step prompts you to locate unwanted files, photos, and applications. If you prefer to skip the quick scan, you can choose the function you want to apply by clicking on it. After the analysis, you will see how much storage space can be released.

5. Once the scan results are listed, you can start freeing the iPhone from the space with a single click an appropriate option. Let’s see how to operate one by one. After clicking the Delete button, unnecessary files are deleted from your iPhone. So, compress and uninstall.

The speed that the software needed to process unneeded files and delete the device depends only on the volume of unwanted files accumulated in the device. The more the number of unwanted files and applications are no longer used will be taken by the application. Any commitment to the integrity of the data is only made when unnecessary documents are deleted.

Photo Compression

Note: The backup is automatically created on the computer before compression of the image files. Clarity and accuracy of images is well maintained by compressing files, so no need to worry about ruining your photos.

Note: The functionality of the Mac software is similar with the same steps, is quite self-descriptive.

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Overall, the software operates according to functional characteristics, which is designed to operate efficiently. During software testing, non-functional defects are detected in the iMyfone Umate features, and the licensed edition works very well and meets the expectations of users fully.