Saying goodbye to a slim body: How to gain weight fast

Being skinny sucks. Everyone talks about weight loss, while I’m winning. Grocery stores are against me. Everything is low in fat and sugar, chemical processing and full of trash. Remember that heart disease and cholesterol continue to affect you when you have a slim body. healthy weight gain can be achieved, but only with a balanced diet; a pattern of exercise, and healthy lifestyle. Here’s how to say goodbye to a slim body and rapid weight gain:

Watch what you eat

There are some important dietary habits to stick to gain weight when. You want to eat often and eat healthy. Simple replacements that help to increase your calorie intake without eating too much sodium, sugar and harmful chemicals. Drink juice and / or fresh milk with meals instead of water. If you choose to drink a protein shake with food, drinking water as well. Make sure to have breakfast and dinner with a reasonable breakfast.

Take multivitamins and drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices in the morning, you long-term support. Your body can build more muscle proteins outside their dinner. Granola, nuts, etc. make great inexpensive snacks to keep on hand during the day.

Get supplies cheap protein, including eggs, turkey, chicken, cheese and milk. Peanut butter calories and helps to add flavor to food (which is especially delicious on burgers). Wear nuts, cereals and dark chocolate on you throughout the day so you can enjoy when hungry. If you have trouble eating, hot sauce and caramel sauce do anything taste delicious. Marijuana helps get the munchies when your appetite stumbles.
No pain, no gain

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Now that you have a good diet, you should tell your body where to apply food intake. You do not have to go to a gym, but getting wrist weights 2-10 pounds and 10-20 lb. weight These are inexpensive and can be used for a variety of strengthening arm exercises. Do push-ups throughout the day. Even if you can do 10 to 20, which causes many 5 times the sum of day.

Buy a yoga mat and yoga or at least stretch. building mass is easy. Solid construction, pliable mass is a completely different beast. You do not want to lose mobility as you gain mass. It will just make you slowly. Make sure to stretch before lifting to target different muscle groups every day, and follow your lifting routine with yoga or a walk / jog. This will keep gaining weight without sacrificing your health, speed and energy.

Keep gain

Maintenance is the most important part of gaining weight. These patterns are used to weight gain should be maintained. If you start psychologically and drag routine, if not quickly lose what they have gained. It only takes 2 months of inactivity to ruin through years of training. Achieve goals and meet them. Find ways to change your routine for those days when you’re bored with it. Stick to it.

Variety makes life easier, so that the switch of food flavors and routines if necessary security exercise to avoid being idle. If you know you’re going to miss a workout, makeup throughout the day. Keep bringing calories to maintain your internal working of the system regularly. Treat your body like a car. Keeping up with routine maintenance, and will pass through anything. More importantly, see your doctor regularly to diagnose any bad sign proactively rather than finding after it is too late.

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