Getting Licenses and permits for new Business

When you are involved in the excitement of starting a new business, it is easy to forget the need for permits and licenses. Of course, obtaining permits and licenses is almost as fun as visiting the dentist. But I do not do, and do it right the first time, it is one of the most common mistakes new entrepreneurs make.

Here are some of the most common licenses and permits to owners of small home business may need and where to go for more information.

Business License
Contact your service city business licenses to see obtaining a business license, which essentially gives you the right (after paying a fee, of course) to operate a business in this town. When submitting their license application, the city planning and zoning department will check that your area is zoned for the purpose you want to use and there are enough parking spaces to meet the codes.

You can not operate in an area that is not zoned for your type of business, unless you first get a standard permit or conditional use. For a standard, you must present your case to the planning commission of the city. In many cases, the differences are fairly easy to get, as long as you can prove that your business will not change the character of the area where it will be located.

Because you are thinking of starting a business in your home, you should investigate zoning ordinances special attention. residential areas tend to have strict rules on zoning that prevent the commercial use of the house. Yet it is possible to obtain a variance or conditional use permit; and in many areas, attitudes toward home businesses are supporting increasingly making it easier to get a variance. Visit the zoning section of this article for more information.

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fire permit
You may need to obtain a permit from the fire department if your company is using flammable materials or if its facilities are open to the public. In some cities, you must obtain permission before opening for business. Other areas do not require a license but simply schedule regular inspections of your business to see if it complies with fire safety standards. If you do not, they will issue a citation. Companies such as restaurants, nursing homes, day care centers and anywhere else that many people congregate are subjected to particularly close and frequent review by the fire department.

And Air Pollution Control Permit
Many cities now have ministries working to control the pollution of air and water. If a material is burned, download anything into sewers or waterways, or using products that produce gas (such as paint sprayers), you may have to obtain special permission of this department in your city or county. the environmental protection rules may also require you to get approval before proceeding with any construction or start using. Check with your environmental protection agency of the State related to federal and state regulations that may apply to your business.

sign permit
Some cities and suburbs have signs of ordinances that limit the size, location and sometimes the lighting and the type of signal can be used outside of your company. To avoid costly mistakes, see the rules and ensure the owner’s written approval (if you rent a house or apartment) before going to the expense of having a sign designed and installed.

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county permits
County governments often require essentially the same types of permits and licenses that cities. If your business is outside the jurisdiction of any city or town, these permissions apply to you. The good news: usually the county regulations are not as strict as those of neighboring towns.

State Licenses
In many countries, people in certain occupations must have licenses or work permits. Often, they must pass state tests before obtaining these permits and do business. States typically require licenses for auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, building contractors, collection agents, insurance agents, realtors, repossessors, and anyone who provides personal services (ie hairdressers, cosmetologists, doctors and nurses). Contact the offices of the state government for a complete list of occupations that require licensing.

federal licenses
In most cases, you will not have to worry about that. However, certain types of businesses require federal licenses, including meat processors, radio and television stations, and investment advisory services. The Federal Trade Commission can tell you if your business requires a federal license.

license fee
There are two reasons why you need a resale certificate (in other states, which can be called a “permit Seller” or a “certificate of authorization”). First, any home business selling goods and services subject to the tax must pay sales tax on what sells. The definition of a taxable service varies from one state to another. According to individual failures of the state, the parties and working parts of your bill may be taxable.

Sales taxes vary by state and are taxed at the retail level. It is important to know the rules in the states and localities where your business operates, because if you are a retailer, you must collect the state sales tax on each sale you make.

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Before opening its doors, be sure to register to collect sales tax by separate for each place of business that has been in the application. A license or permit is important because in some states it is a crime to make sales without one.

Allows the Department of Health
If you sell food directly to customers as a restaurant or a wholesaler to other retailers, a permit from the Ministry of county health is needed. It costs about $ 25 and varies depending on the company size and the amount and type of equipment you have. The Ministry of Health want to inspect your facilities before issuing the permit.