How to get free data without internet ?

5 Net neutral Applications that provide data without mobile Internet

Get access to the data without having to spend money sounds good, but it usually involves some kind of capture. That is why different platforms such as Airtel and Zero free Facebook Fundamentals debate on net neutrality are enabled, and why zero (or free access to treatment sites) can be bad for users. It has been over a year since the beginning of the debate in India and the issues that are still under development, but there are a number of applications on the market that offer users free data, without any exclusivity or limitations. All these applications are for prepaid users. Here’s what we found:

1) Gigato
Probably one of the categories the most popular applications, Gigato has been around for a while and allows users to “win” the data in the application, which can be redeemed from their carrier. The way it works is simple – just install the Gigato application, and will show a series of applications that can be treated or used to obtain the data. The data obtained are usually a little higher than the data used, so that the initial use is cut off from your data plan, it is moving forward. For example, you can use 20 MB of mobile data WhatsApp or Twitter, and earn 25 MB which can be redeemed against their carrier.

When you start the application, you can see a list of compatible apps you already have on your phone, and Gigato also recommends other applications that can be installed to achieve social benefits data. From Gigato includes many popular applications, you probably will not need to change their habits to get a little extra money on the side, which is great.

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When Gigato installation, you give permission to review their applications, so you can see the amount of mobile data is used by its partners and give rewards accordingly. Based on reports from users and online experts does not seem Gigato spy on your data to see what you do on the Internet, so it should be no concern for privacy, but it is definitely something that you should consider .

2) Earn Talk
The Gane Weather Talk application is quite similar to Gigato as an incentive to use different applications, but how it works is a bit different. While Gigato gives refills for the use of mobile data applications, talk time will pay the money that can be used to pay for prepaid reloads at the application download.

Therefore, you can make Rs. 5 Droom if your application, or Rs is downloaded. 20 download Myntra. Lybrate download, then ask a question on the application will win Rs. 50.

You can also earn money by referring friends, and then you can use it to charge your data from your mobile operator. What we have found through research online, there have been reports of privacy issues with this application, and our own use showed that operates without any real problems, but considering Save speaking time encourages actions specific should be aware of potential privacy issues with this type of application.

3) Paytunes
While Gigato or Earn Talktime must actively do different things to save time conversation, the application replaces your Paytunes with ads and get paid for each call you get. There are controls in place to prevent people from gaming the system, but for users, Paytunes actually fits into the daily flow actually use the phone.

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Payments are not very high – you must answer at least three calls to get the value of the point in the application of one rupee, but even if you get about 15 calls per day, which corresponds to a payment of Rs 150. per month, which can be used to recharge the data packet, or pay other bills MobiKwik.

4) Your ads (India)
See an ad, then answer a few simple questions and earn money. The concept is so simple that it does not really need to be explained. You can see ads on the Wi-Fi network, and do not download or use any other application. It is like the applications that can be seen on television, except that here you do not need to see an ad in the middle of its programs, is just something that is becoming a bit of talk time.

It is the most convenient way to consume ads, but paid Rs. 8 To see 45 seconds ad seemed reasonable enough for us. This money can be used to charge your phone, you can use the money for mobile data.

5) Recharge your phone
Applications like Freecharge, Paytm or Mobikwik or Airtel money, almost all applications that allows you to charge your phone line also offers special deals and cashbacks. This means that when your phone is charging, using one of these applications can get a lot. Specific offerings vary from day to day, to keep one or two of the other applications that you liked installed on your phone, and check this information before hitting the reload button to save a little more to get free data without internet

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