Getting Free stuffs without payment

Opportunity does not favor the rich, which promotes the spirit. You can get free travel, entertainment, appliances, and access to the Internet, even through knowledge of some tricks and simple services. This guide will point you in the right direction.

I like all kinds of things, but I do not want to pay for them. Thank you a personal experience, experiences and resources online, I found quite a few ways around fork over my hard earned money for what I want. Of course, free stuff just seems free. If you do not pay with money, you pay with any other work or sacrifice. However, in most cases, it takes minimal effort to gain “free” goods and services. In this post we’ll take a look at the process.

Get Free Gadgets
Appliances often reap great demand to find and free can be difficult. To receive the consumer electronics free, you have to put in a little time to earn the privilege. Even if you are able, it is necessary to clearly define their expectations. You will not receive a new iPad for free, for example, are tough enough to really buy in a store. When you are able to buy more expensive items like a portable console or a game, the option to choose a specific model rarely find. Get the equipment without sacrificing a choice, but it is not always a disadvantage. Sometimes great new products that I knew of which are actually better than what I wanted to be found. It is also much easier to get the device for free, which can offset the cost of a TV, computer, game console, or anything else you are able to purchase expensive system. You can not always get what you want, but you can still get something. Here’s what you have to do.

Become a contributor useful product
I started getting it a few years ago free equipment to write critical votes. Amazon noted that it was useful for many people on the site and invited me to a private program called Vine. Through the program, Amazon sends a newsletter every two weeks with new products offered by various companies. Members of the vine of which there are many, can claim any product that is available and will be sent to them free of charge. In exchange for the preservation of the product, Member of the vine are required to write a comment.

While the criteria is not clear to become a member of the vine (or any other program review), which is vaguely understood that just write good other critics consider appropriate. In my case, I bought a camera Point and shoot before Best Buy Amazon received their shares. I loved it and wanted to share my thoughts, so I wrote a detailed review. Amazon received shares of the camera a few days later and many drivers were interested in your comments. Mine was the first time, and what was that many people have seen and voted useful. In the following weeks, I was invited to participate in the vineyard program. It is important to note, however, that my view of the camera was not my first. I had written several other criticism in the past that has received less attention. However, I guess you will not be asked to review if you have a few under your belt and a reputation as useful. If you can handle at once, you can have lots of free goodies coming your way.

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Advertising on Google trackbacks
Several sites offer affiliate programs that offer credits to send products with people you know. You can get a lot of credit if you know a lot of people, but most of us do not have a handful of friends who will always buy what we offer. security expert Brandon Gregg came up with a trick to solve this problem. He wanted razors Dollar Shave Club, who advertise their affiliate links on Google AdWords:

Dollar Shave Club has a free month of the sheet for each registered user. I put my referral link in a post Google Adwords, I have a years worth of free signing blades for only $ 12. So I ended up paying $ 1 per month instead of $ 9.
Obviously this trick does not mean you get nothing completely free, but the cost is so minimal it might be. If you can get credit for referrals and your program does not prohibit the publication of affiliate links, this is a smart way to get several items at a very low cost. It works with more than just equipment and supplies, too. You can also use this trick with services like Dropbox.

Enjoy (and purchase) Gadgets of the Past
Appliances today (and tomorrow) are what everyone wants, but they are not the only good things there. If you are willing to accept an older article for free, they often can be found on sites like Craigslist and Freecycle. All about Freecycle is free, but on Craigslist only to search for $ 0 products and the terms “free” research and “sidewalk alert” (which means lots of free stuff is dumped by the side of the road) or go to the main page and click on the craigslist “free” section. Also, if the big IFTTT web tool you subscribe (If so what) can be used to provide alerts based Craigslist searches to receive notifications when certain free devices appear. (This is an example of free connection to Los Angeles.) This way you will not waste much time looking for the perfect match in a complete flow poor.

The acquisition of free books, films and other media
Find free devices can be difficult, but finding free books, movies and other media, it is not. It does not require a lot of work and a fair amount of choice. These are the options.

Keep in review

As with the devices, being a useful tool online reviewer and enter into an examination of the vine Amazon program (detailed in the previous section) access to lots of free movies, music is obtained and books, especially books. According to the blog of professional life Savvy Sugar, popular Goodreads Book Recommendation site offers similar benefits. Try both and see what you can get.

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Find free books

Many books are available for free online. Google Books offers books as text and as audio should be free. If you have a Kindle or free Kindle app, you can get free public domain books on Amazon too. All you have to do is search and download what you want.

Do not overlook your local library
Today, people forget that they can have a lot of free books, music and movies through their local libraries. In fact, the library does not even need to be all local. Popular media often comes with a waiting list almost endless when you go to a library in a big city, but if you venture outside the city often can give up waiting. For example, my local library is technically in Los Angeles, but the library system Pasadena and Glendale increased availability in most cases. By only driving 5 to 15 miles further, it is easier to find what I want. If you can not get what you want in nearby libraries, you can get if you’re willing to take a short trip away from home.

Stop paying for phone and Internet

Internet access and telephone service should cost something you can get both for free with some limitations. For most, you simply subscribe to appropriate services.

Get a free high-speed Internet FreedomPop
Broadband Internet access is expensive in general, but with FreedomPop can cost more than a $ 100 deposit (you get when you cancel service). Everything we do is for a wireless access point and turn it on when you arrive. From here you have a Wi-Fi network that provides a reasonably fast data connection with up to five computers via the WiMAX network from Sprint immediately. By default only get 500 MB per month for free, but if complete offer (which mostly related information) which can earn additional data. It takes a little work, and do not provide sufficient data access for users to frequent Internet, but great for casual Web surfing or getting an occasional connection to the fly.

Make free calls to the US and Canada with Gmail
If you have Internet access, you will not have to pay for phone calls. Gmail, via voice, offers free calls to landlines and cell phones between the United States and Canada. All you need is an account and an Internet connection and can talk for free. You can even use an application like Talkatone (iOS and Android) to make those free calls from your mobile. Other VoIP solutions also work, but most will cost you something. Using Google will not.

Free travel
Traveling is not cheap by default, but some tips and take advantage of loyalty programs can potentially eliminate these costs in full. You must do some work to travel free, but everyone can easily get discounts with minimum effort.

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Sign up for rewards programs and travel cards at the right time

We all know that you can earn frequent flyer miles for free using a credit card that offers a bonus, but you are required to spend thousands of dollars before you can win a return flight through the single card. By choosing the right card at the right time, however, you can get enough miles for a free trip by buying a pack of gum. Matthew Kepnes Travel writer says:

If you like to fly Delta or United and Star Alliance, US companies have a travel credit card brand that gives 25,000-30,000 points when you sign up and make a purchase. This is a free economy ticket on the spot. Airline credit cards are the best way to start your mileage balance. Often the great signup bonus offered. For some time, American Airlines has given 75,000 miles when he received his credit card brand. Virgin Atlantic has offered 50,000. Together they have 40,000. The fastest and best way to win a lot of free miles is to get one of these travel credit cards.
Numerous specials can also produce more free miles Net. For more information, read the guide Matthew.
How do I shoot holidays from 10 days in London for $ 700

Find a free place to stay for Couch Surfing

Whether you have a friend or family member with a free couch to sleep in the city that you visit. Using, you can find a friendly host who offer their years in place. You must be the kind of person who does not mind staying with a stranger, but if you are willing to trust their hospitality and do not mind small spaces do not have to pay and could meet friends. Alternatively, you can check host families for you to work in exchange for room.

Look at the right places for even more free stuff

If you want other various free items, just enough to know where to look. In addition to the options already discussed, promotion gifts and Page subreddit frugal alert you to websites that offer free stuff (or sometimes just cheap). These are just a few examples. free stuff is everywhere, and you’re likely to find even if you keep the clock as the day progresses.

Remember: Free is not really free

It is important to remember that free is not really free. If you do not pay with money that pays for the effort, information, or something else. Many times these sacrifices are worthwhile, but always know exactly what you sacrifice. Free becomes a big problem when you give too much without knowing it. As long as care is taken with the right kind of free offers, however, you get a lot of great things with almost no cost.