Getting Free Wifi At all places

Today, everyone needs a Wi-Fi, all the time; Wi-Fi needs our phones, tablets, and computers to stay in touch with work, school, family, and friends. However, Wi-Fi staff can be expensive and easy to find on the road can be a problem if you do not know where to look.

Here are the 10 best ways to find a Wi-Fi wherever you go!

1. Know your environment – There are a lot of local businesses in your area that has Wi-Fi, like McDonalds and Starbucks. There are also some small hotels and Wi-Fi channels gifts. Become familiar with these places and remember. You can also check this link for a list unexpected places that have Wi-Fi. Http://

2. WiFi – Wifi is a site that literally pointing to a map, similar to Google Maps, places that have Wi-Fi WeFi is also available in a Smartphone application for iPhone and Android, so ever. without WeFi.

3. Hidden Networks – Even if you’re not near a hotspot documented, there are applications for smartphones that can help sniff out hidden! These hidden access points include electronic stores and airports.

4. Explore the right sites – Some sites do not give you access to the Internet, but if you are looking for free Wi-Fi, just to pass the time, then this could be a good choice. For example, Delta Airlines offers Wi-Fi, but only gives you access to sites like Amazon, Wall Street Journal, and People magazine. This can not help you with your email, but can provide free Internet access.

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5. Loyalty programs – Join loyalty programs, especially in their favorite hotels. These are a good choice because loyalty programs usually cost nothing out of pocket. We offer a strong spam blocker in your e-mail account, however, that these loyalty programs often offer benefits such as free Wi-Fi, the price of spam your inbox with their latest discounts and deals . Or just have an email address separately for this type of loyalty programs.

6. Coupons – find codes minutes of Wi-Fi in some places is easier than it seems. Websites like are a great source of coupon codes wireless and more.

7. MAC spoofing – This tactic is for those who are more tech-savvy. Many Wi-Fi access points that give free, but only for a few minutes or hours. To avoid this, you can not distort its MAC address, visit this site to learn: Address MAC

8. Cable Company Wi-Fi – may be surprised to discover that if you have cable Internet at home, your doctor will probably give you access to all Wi-Fi hotspots in the city. This is especially true if you have Time Warner or Cox suppliers. See the website of your provider to see if they offer the advantage of Wi-Fi technology.

9. Connect the phone – If you have a smartphone, connect your phone is one of the most obvious of getting Wi-Fi wherever you go literally forms. It’s easy to connect your Wi-Fi network from your iPhone or Android phone, but you need to prepare in advance for your phone (usually means jailbreaking your phone).

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10. Cut – When all else fails, piracy in the preferred Wi-Fi zone is always an option, but it is still illegal. the use of this option is not recommended, but it is always an option.