How to Get more Likes on Facebook Page Free and Fast ?

7 tips to get more likes on Facebook

There are over 1.65 million users on Facebook each month. If you try to find your target market online, chances are you are on Facebook – waiting for your brand to make a strong impression. That’s why nearly half of numeric buyers consider Facebook as one of its main promotional channels.

If this number includes, then you’re probably scratching your head about what makes Facebook tick community. What is the formula to reach more people and get maximum exposure for your brand? Here are seven of the best tips you should consider:

1. Include social buttons on your site
First, if you already have a blog or website created company, be sure to include plugins that allow tastes and share on social networks. You must make your Facebook page and other promotion channels, which can be discovered on your site. In this way, you can offer your audience a way to stay connected and be more receptive to your promotions in the future.

There are many plugins that help integrate social features to your site. For your homepage, you can use a tool like the Facebook page Pluginfrom for developers. For specific positions, you can use the Like button. Both tools can help you increase the size Facebook page and shares, keeping your audience on your site.

2. Include information search on your Facebook page
Another way to improve the ability to discover your brand is to optimize the information on your Facebook page. Every aspect of the page – profile image for description – should contribute to building the brand identity. Moreover, when it comes to the description of your page, be sure to include as much information as possible.

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Consider what the public needs to know if they want to communicate with you. Phone numbers, addresses of the company, its main site – believe that anything that helps to connect. If you set up your Facebook page for the first time, you should be able to find the appropriate fields where you can fill your business details.

Note that there are “short” and “long” available to Facebook pages descriptions. For brief description, it is better to be simple. Present what you do, add in a full URL CTA and its website. For the long description, which provides a clear view of your business, a link to your site, and any other information describing your business.

If you do not know what to write in your description Facebook, you can refer to this message as a social shock absorber.

3. Promote Facebook Offline
Promote your Facebook online can be more convenient for you and your prospects, but you should never miss the opportunity to promote your site online. If your company has access to physical marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, posters in shops or packaging products, be sure to include short URL for your Facebook page.

Be sure to change the URL of your Facebook page and make it stronger. This will also make it easier for your audience to remember. Another great strategy is to generate a custom QR code bars on your site. This allows your audience to quickly scan the code and access your Facebook page directly from your mobile device. For this you can use a free tool like QR code generator.

4. Invite people you know
Facebook users are more likely to interact with a page that already has a lot of people. This is a form of “social proof” that increases your credibility and trust between you and your prospects. However, if your Facebook page as zero, then you will have a hard time trying to build a social following.

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As a business, you can easily solve this problem by inviting its existing community and its Facebook page. This includes employees, business partners and professional networks. A simple way to do this is to transmit an email with a link to your page and a brief personal message of appreciation.

You can also enjoy the “Invite friends” on their Facebook page. This should give your page a quick boost of love. It may not be much, but even some tastes can trigger massive social consequences in the future.

5. Promote compelling content
The “build and they will come” expression does not apply in Facebook marketing. an additional effort in the development of content that will provide valuable information to your audience and generate more followers is also required. Note that this is traditionally done by creating the post of your blog and then share the link on Facebook. Today, you can use instant products to provide content within Facebook itself.

There are some things to consider in promoting great content. One must include the visual content such as images, computer graphics and video content strategy as they are enough to capture the attention of the public. Research indicates that the content with relevant images can reach up to 94% more views than just text messages. If you do not have access to visual branded content, consider photos from sites like and

Also, be sure to constantly promote. Anywhere from once a day to three times a week is good. It depends on the availability of updates. To take advantage, you need to know the best time to promote their messages. You can check the Facebook page Insights to know when your audience is most active.

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6. Cross-promote other social platforms
Facebook could be your primary social media channel, but a little help from other social networks can be very helpful too. Remember that online companies should expand their scope and consider all social media platforms for promotion. Start with major sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Please note that there are specific steps to connect your Facebook account to other social media sites. LinkedIn, for example, has a full link characteristics of social media websites. Otherwise, a simple list of social ties in the description could work. Just be sure to observe best practices and cross-promote specific content often.

7. Organize a contest Facebook
Holding a contest of social media is one of the best ways to promote your Facebook page, engage your audience, and make more people. This is done by companies with great success, especially in the field of technology, entertainment and music. However, with the right idea, companies other niche skills can succeed as well.

You can organize competitions directly from the application of competition Facebook. From there, you can display details such as the title of the competition, introduction, and so on. You can also manage and monitor your competition from the same application as well.

To ensure the success of your competition, make sure it provides a relevant and meaningful experience for the participants. photo contest, for example, can give your audience the ability to self-promotion – the creation of user-generated content for your brand in the process.