How to get motivated when you have no energy ?

6 Ways To Get Motivated When You Feel Like Doing Nothing

Even the most ambitious and motivated people sometimes struggle to do things. The good news is that we can often discover why we are in a depression. Better still, there are ways to get out of the depression and get motivated again.

Here are 6 ways to motivate yourself when you feel like doing nothing.

1. Find out why he is in a depression.
Here are some of the reasons why it can be in a depression:

You fear something you know you need to do. You procrastinate doing things because you’re absolutely disgusting a next task.

-You are tired. You have missed good nutrition, sleep, exercise, or have been sick and generally do not feel good.

-you Lack of confidence. You are afraid to leave your comfort zone and do something.

You’re in the middle of a project. You have surpassed the excitement at first, and are still not at the end. You are on the hard side – in the middle.

2. When you fear something, it is almost impossible not to do your homework.

For example, if you know you want to exercise in the morning, try putting your workout clothes next to your bed to be the first thing you see when you wake up. Also, call a friend and make plans to face the gym in the morning. Having a responsible partner will increase your chances of success.

3. When you are tired, take care of your body.

Some days you may need to rest. On other days, your body may need to exercise. Some days you just need to get out of your office and get some fresh air. Think about how your habits have been recently. Have you been resting properly? Have you been choosing healthy foods and drinks? Have you had a recent illness that left feeling damaged? Think about how you have been treating your body. Take great care of your body can help you out of your depression.

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4. When you have confidence, think about why you doubt your abilities.

Are you struggling with negative thinking? Has there been a recent negative comment or an event in your life that has been bothering you? Are you getting compared to other people? When you struggle with negative thinking, give a compliment, or do something fun to rejuvenate your joy.

5. When you are in the middle of your journey, persevere.

When you propose to achieve a great goal, it is usually very easy to be highly motivated at first. At first you think the end result, and is full of anticipation and excitement. It is also very easy to be motivated at the end of a long journey. Once the end is in sight, the thrill of seeing the finish line can propel forward.

In my opinion, the travel environment is generally the most difficult. Meanwhile, the initial excitement has decreased, but still does not get close to its goal. Meanwhile, you realize exactly how much time and effort is needed to complete your trip. You feel frustrated and often face difficulties pushed out of their comfort zone to move on.

In the center, keep thinking about your “why”. What are the personal, significant and strong reasons that I wanted to reach his target in the first place? Often remember our “why” can help give a boost of motivation when we are in a depression. Also, remember what Confucius said: “No matter how slowly, you go as long as you do not stop.” Keep moving when you are in the middle. Commit to taking daily actions that get you closer to your ultimate goal, even if they are extremely small actions. Keep moving.

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6. Remember that depression will not last forever, and take immediate steps to start going out.

Start with small steps forward. Remember that persistence can make a big difference in your success. Remember that success is a mad rush with lots of bumps and curves in the road, not in straight line generally that people imagine. Remember to continue when you do not feel motivated helps you push through your fears, get out of your comfort zone, and win the mental battle that has with itself. Every step you take during difficult times helps you feel more confident and able, and gives you the momentum to keep going from her depression.

Every time you are about to achieve something in his life, he will face resistance. This resistance can leave you feeling unmotivated and make you sink into a depression. However, pushing through resistance and taking action to get out of their depression will help you set up for long-term success. When you realize that you can really get yourself motivated in their bad days, you will know in the future how you will pass through extra difficult times.