Getting Paints Out Of Hair Instantly

Good luck and paint splatter. Even if you pay attention, stray droplets will land somewhere. And there’s a good chance that somewhere is your hair. But how they eliminate without destroying these precious locks? DIY experts at Stack Exchange chime.


We recently painted with acrylic based latex paint / and do not use plastic plugs for it. We paint our hair unsightly stains. After several washes of paint has not disappeared. It is very noticeable.

Please let me know how I can remove the paint, leaving the hair intact.

Answer: Soak comb

This article E-How says a bath with your normal shampoo, followed by running a fine tooth comb in the affected area (s) should eliminate the water-based paints, including acrylic latex. With fine teeth, I suppose they mean a comb like a pocket comb or a hairdresser, but you may have better luck with something like a lice comb.

Now latex paint with volatile organic compounds (? What is low VOC paint) can cause other types of discoloration, like extenders (which is why I never put paint thinner in his hair, without turpentine, acetone-free, no alcohol burn, zilch).

In addition, certain colors, such as red and orange, will penetrate the surfaces (even things that are not considered “porous” as ceramic tiles) and become extremely difficult to remove. I do not know what color you painted the closet or what type of paint he used, but maybe not a real layer of paint causing discoloration more.


Answer: Monkey Around

When this happens to children (let them help when painting) you just choose to paint her hair with her fingernails while watching TV – to stand still and is quite “Gorillas in the Mist.”

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However, it takes a wee while, but it works without the use of chemicals.

Answer: olive oil

I think that olive oil or cooking oil as usually eliminates the sticky hardened dirt, paint, rubber, etc …

Answer: The soap and toothpaste

Try soap and very wet hair. If that does not work, you can try using a grainy paste. The dish soap between hair and get the latex and help them break away. The toothpaste will act as an abrasive paint and washable so slight chewing.

Answer: Dip (for hours)

Paintings of water dispersion (latex / acrylic is a type) are not completely waterproof – it will be much smaller and sweeter once you leave in humid conditions for several hours. (See the difference between “latex” and the water-dispersion paints “acrylic” – no difference) So you have to do in some way wet hair and keep it moist. After a long period of time to paint, they weaken and break down. At that time, you can try to separate carefully paint the hair.

Upgrading the asker

We tried several solutions here, but nothing worked. We had to wait until the hair is born, then cut. hair dye would not even cover the paint. I think there were two or three reasons they have failed (please correct me if I’m wrong):

  • We waited too long to try to clean the paint.
  • The hair was particularly vulnerable because of frequent dye jobs.

We hope for better luck next time!