20 signs that you have found your perfect boyfriend

The journey of life becomes a little more pleasant, exciting and rewarding when you have the perfect man next to you. But who is the right man, and how you know you’ve found? Although each woman has a different definition of what would be her man “perfect”, they are 20 solid evidence to indicate that her boyfriend is to survive.

1. We see that you are.
You are unique and wonderful in its own way. You wake up the neighborhood with your bathroom or sing like solving Sudoku puzzles in the middle of the night, he accepts you just as you are. It does not change anything about you.

2. It keeps its promises.
It can be very annoying when a boy insists he will do something, but never get around to. A true gentleman would not go back on their words, but does what it says. You be sure that only makes the commitments it intends to keep.

3. He stands by you.
You may not agree with every decision, but supports the decisions. It is there for you in the success and failure in health and disease, in laughter and tears.

4. It gives you space.
Psychologists say that having intimacy in a relationship is more important than sex. The perfect boyfriend that allows enough time with me and do not try to take a look at his journal. He does not want to miss the “I” into “we”.

5. It is not jealous or insecure.
You just visited? Who is this guy who sent a message in the middle of the night? What’s she doing on a Saturday night without me? No, this man does not waste time on these silly questions. He trusts you and it is sure that you trust.

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6. Worn with his family.
No need to when it comes to meet the family. The perfect guy puts his best behavior in front of their parents and trying to befriend her brother. A dream come true when he sits comfortably with his family at Thanksgiving dinner.

7. It is interesting.
Life is too short to be thinking about other things when you speak. Regardless of your interests and passions, which is exciting and fun to be with. In fact, it will give to know a side of life that you have never seen before. I know someone who has never parasailed, powered by a motorcycle or been to an opera before meeting her boyfriend.

8. Is in favor of mature grounds.
Let’s face it: The two people have opinions and different points of view, inevitably lead to occasional arguments. However, it focuses on the point in hand, through sensitive rational conversations. No blame game, dear.

9. It makes you feel beautiful.
You must not be Scarlett Johansson or Angelina Jolie sitting pretty. When you’re with him, you feel like the sexiest woman on Earth. He treats you like his princess, and rightly so.

10. It is a game to test their adventures.
The type of goods accompanying half of Wisconsin, and he threw a dart at the map blindfolded US and wanted to go. No complaints; However, it is for the joy of being part of your bucket list.

11. Expresses its love.
It is more or less on top of their game when it comes to sweep you off your feet again. True to his style, sometimes it may mean preparing a homemade meal that surprise at the airport or just to say “I love you.

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12. It is your superhero.
In case of danger, you can count on him to help. It will prevent your bag from being stolen by a bully. It will ensure that you get home safely at night. He will come to your rescue in the midst of a revolt. More importantly, it is also smart enough to stay alive while being chivalrous and heroic.

13. Everything is done to wipe her tears.
You happiness is of paramount importance to him. In his downtime times it has been fun, sexy or Superman, or almost anything that will bring a smile on your face.

14. He wants to show his friends.
It lies close friends and deliberately be “unique” in Facebook can mean a warning signal. A man in love wants you to be a part of their social life and show your friends, because you think you are great.

15. He respects his mother.
Pay attention to the relationship with his mother, and that says a lot. A man who has a deep respect for his mother (different from son to Mom) is more likely to respect and admire, too.

16. It is overwhelmingly attractive, as appropriate.
Women have mixed views when it comes to who is sexy, cute and beautiful. While find striking and can not stop wanting to be in his arms on the right track.

17. It is a source of inspiration.
Love is a motivator that pushes closer to their aspirations. The perfect boyfriend pushes your limits and inspires you to achieve the unimaginable. He understands that his dreams are important, like his. Also, it’s back if you fall.

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18. It is not a control freak.
Note the type that is too generous about “constructive criticism” has unrealistic expectations and wants to micromanage. Who wants Hitler as a partner? Freedom of experience in a relationship is not asking too much.

19. It is honest.
Forget yes-man and people-pleaser. Truth is the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship. It saves you from unnecessary misunderstandings and helps build confidence quickly.

20. It makes you a better person.
You are already amazing, but being with him brings out the best in you. It’s like having a cheerleader male staff! Its strengths are magnified even more, and thinking that life could not be better.