How to Get a Refund on Accidental Purchases in Any App Store

How to Get a Refund on Accidental Purchases in Any App Store

Earlier this year, a California court ruled that Facebook had to repay the parents for the accidental purchases of children in the application. If you’ve been there, or you accidentally purchased an app that you did not want, the good news is that most digital stores offer some sort of refund policy. Here’s how their money.

Apple’s ITunes and the App Store
Apple allows you to claim a refund for any application, applying purchases or means you have made within the last 90 days. Will have to report the problem, ask a customer service representative refund and will review your request.

There are a few ways to do that. First, you can do it directly from the Apple website through your Report a Problem page. Log in with your Apple ID, go to the right tab (Applications, Movies, TV, etc.) and tap the “Report a problem” next to the item. Choose your problem (select “The problem does not occur here” when I make an accidental purchase) enter a brief summary of your application and click Send.

If Apple has sent an e-mail after your purchase, it should also be a link to the problem Report page of the receipt. You can also access the Report a problem with iTunes page. Open iTunes, make sure you are logged in with the correct code and tap your profile in the upper-right corner of the window and select Account Information. Scroll down to view your purchase history, then press “View All” and locate the application you are looking for. You should see a Report a problem link next to the item. If you access this link, you go to the Apple site where you can fill out the form and ask for your refund.

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If you just purchased an item you can create a link or button are not yet available, so you may have to wait until your payment is released or that Apple will send an email that reception before requesting reimbursement.

Google Play Store
Google has an excellent policy and clear repayment which makes it easy to get your money in accidental purchases, including applications, in application of purchases or subscriptions. If the purchase of the request was made within the last two hours, you can get an automatic refund, no need to wait. Simply open Google Play Store on the web or on your device, then go to Menu> Account> Order History. Locate the item you want to return, then click Refund to uninstall the application and get your money.

You can even request a refund within 48 hours of purchase. However, you must complete this form online and can take up to two business days when its team to review and approve the application (say it normally takes 15 minutes). Order number on the form and you may find that on the receipt that Google would have sent after the purchase. If you have an unauthorized purchase in your account, you use the same form to request a refund.

In some cases, they also refund movies and music made within 7 days. To request a refund for songs, movies and TV shows, you must use a web browser to access your account via Google Play Store (refund option for TV and music is not available through the application). Scroll down to the order history, watch refund the purchase you want and click the “Report a problem” button, fill out the form and request a refund.

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According to Consumerist, Facebook is finding out how to warn users likely to be affected by the new court’s decision at the bottom, parents of children who may have accidentally caught up in the app or unauthorized shopping games. For now, however, they are examining each case individually. In the meantime, you can always ask for a refund.

Facebook has a payment Page support for purchases in the app, including purchases of games. When you browse the page, make sure you are logged in to your account and select the appropriate category. From there, Facebook should automatically fill in your recent transactions and select the item to be repaid.

Once you have selected the item, you will see a drop-down list of problems you can select. Simply follow the instructions, choose your payment method and enter a brief description. Facebook will ask for your “desired resolution”, select “Return.