10 ways to get rid of faster pain cold

You get that feeling of tingling and you know what’s in store. You make excuses not to go out and become something of a recluse. You are afraid of people staring at her unsightly stain; the demon dreaded cold sores. But do not despair; there are ways you can make your cold sore disappears in a short time. Here are 10 ways to help you get rid of a quick fever button.

What causes cold sores?
Cold sores are a result of the herpes simplex virus. This joins the nervous system and is difficult to control. Once you have the virus that are constantly at risk of developing an ulcer. The virus causes cold sores are always in the background waiting to be reactivated so that prevention can be as important as treatment. Some cold sore triggers things:

-Infection, colds and flu
-Ultraviolet radiation, like a sunburn
The changes in the immune system
-Food allergy
-dental -work

Knowing what triggers a cold sore can help prevent or treat when emerging. Often, however, the development of a cold sore may be unavoidable, so here are some tips to help you get rid of a quick fever button.

1. zinc

Zinc will help boost your immune system. As cold sores can be triggered by stress, you can try sucking zinc tablets in times of stress. You can also apply the zinc oxide cream for cold sores. It was found that when people use the zinc oxide cream their sores healed more quickly and people have experienced fewer side effects than those that apply a placebo cream. Zinc is a trace element that is available through foods such as meat, port, shellfish, peanuts and legumes. Zinc, however, can interact with certain antibiotics and drugs can be dangerous when taken in high doses it is recommended to consult your doctor when zinc is used.

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2. Lysine

Lysine is an amino acid found in protein-rich foods such as cheese, yogurt, meat, milk and beans. Lysine has been found to reduce the number of recurrent outbreaks of cold sores and also helps to reduce the amount of time it takes a cold sore. You can take lysine supplements or eating foods rich in lysine such as chicken, fish, eggs and potatoes. Lysine, however, should be taken with caution because high levels can increase the amount of calcium absorbed by the body. People with high cholesterol should consult a physician before taking lysine.

3. ice

If ice cold sores apply during the first training feel, you can reduce the time it stays around. Ice packs and cold compresses also help relieve pain. Alternatively, you can buy a cold drink and this can also help elevate the pain while helping the pain disappears quickly.

4. Milk

Milk contains proteins called immunoglobulins. These proteins are essentially antibodies that help fight the virus and prevent herpes. It also contains the L-lysine. Place a towel whole milk in your cold sore can help heal faster and may also help reduce pain. You can prevent outbreaks from drinking whole milk, as this will help you get a dose of L-lysine. If you already have a cold sore can soak a cotton ball in about 1 tablespoon of milk and apply it to the cold sore for several minutes.

Hydrogen Peroxide 5.

Hydrogen peroxide can help speed up the rate at which heals cold sores. As a disinfectant, it also makes it harder for the cold sore to spread or worsen. As the pain is already infected with the virus, keeping it clean can help heal faster. To use hydrogen peroxide, soak a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of peroxide. Place the cotton ball directly on the boil and keep it there for several seconds. Rinse after about 5 minutes.

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6. Beeswax

Propolis helps cold sores heal quickly and can also help reduce pain. Bees use propolis natural resins to build their hives. Propolis is created from the buds of trees, beeswax and other bee products. Historically, it was used to treat wounds and abscesses. It was found that in test tubes propolis stops the reproduction of the Herpes virus.

7. Vaseline

Petroleum jelly contains natural emollients. This helps to soften the skin that is affected by cold sores. As gelatin is very thick as it helps create a barrier that can prevent bacteria from entering the cold pain, preventing bacterial infection. This infection causes cold sores last for a longer period of time. To use Vaseline, make sure your hands are clean, then using a finger put a thin layer of jelly directly on the wound. You can reapply gelatin as often as desired throughout the day until the cold sore disappears.

8. vanilla extract

Vanilla extract contains powerful anti-infective properties, making it effective in curing viral infection that causes cold sores. As vanilla is also an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce the pain of cold sores. You must use 100% pure vanilla extract to be effective. To use taking the extract and a few drops on a cotton ball. Place the pad directly on cold sores. It can be repeated every six hours.

9. Sunscreen

Exposure to light, particularly UV light can cause the onset of a cold sore. When you’re outside, that will help you apply a lip balm with SPF value of at least 15 to ward off unwanted pain.

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10. licorice

Some studies have shown that glycyrhizic acid, an ingredient in licorice root may stop the growth of virus cells that are cold sores. Licorice root has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral which is also useful to reduce unwanted symptoms. To take advantage of this plant is necessary to obtain a powder of licorice and turn it into a cream. Mix a tablespoon of licorice root powder Ω teaspoon fresh water or Vaseline. Rub a thin layer of the mixture on the pain and leave for at least several hours.