Simple Solutions: How to prevent and get rid of cramps

Cramps can be experienced on a regular basis or at a particular time. When they come, they may be short-lived but extremely painful. and if it is on a daily or monthly basis, you can even reduce the welfare and quality of daily life of a person.

night cramps can be particularly painful and can disrupt our sleep patterns, if experience regularly. And for many women, menstrual cramps can be a huge burden on a monthly basis.

If you want to get rid of cramps and find what exactly causes cramps and how you can effectively relieve and prevent their occurrence.

What are the cramps and which makes the?

Usually, cramps may be the result of electrolyte imbalance due to the absence of liquid in the system. Most often occur if you have overexerted muscles or general suffers from dehydration. When dehydration occurs, electrolytes suffer and minerals that make up the electrolyte, sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium, and decrease rapidly occurs an imbalance. As electrolytes are essential for healthy cell function, they also help with the optimal function of our muscles.

We can also have cramps long periods of inactivity, such as sitting for long. Some drugs can make us prone to suffer from cramps so check with your doctor if you are taking long-term medication and get cramps on a regular basis.

Cramps can potentially occur in any muscle in the body, but occur most often in the calves, feet and thighs.

What are the different types of cramps?

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Cramps true – these are the most common types of crises we have all probably experienced one time or another. These, they usually involve some or all of a muscle or group of muscles that usually act together and are thought to be affected by the nerves that stimulate the muscles.

Dysmenorrhea – these are also known as menstrual cramps. They are the result of the uterus (a muscle itself) hiring and if it too hard oxygen supply is cut occurs in muscle tissue and pain occurs.

Cramps injuries – if the body has had an injury, so he tries to protect muscle spasm in an attempt to stabilize the injured area.

Rest Cramps – this happens with a long period of inactivity and can sometimes happen overnight known as nocturnal cramps.

dystonic cramps – these types of attacks occur when there is a repetitive movement in an area such as hands when writing for too long.

How to get rid of cramps

There are several ways you can help get rid of cramps. When a cramp can be very debilitating and usually have to stop what you are doing suddenly experienced.

Stretching is the number one way to help relieve the pain and longevity of a real cramp. This may simply involve walking if it occurs in the leg or foot. For calf cramps can gently stretch the leg against a wall and keep both hands bending the affected area with the affected leg stretched back leg.

Getting regular exercise, such as running, it is a great practice to make sure that you stretch before and after to prevent cramping caused by intense exercise.

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If you suffer from night cramps and leg stretching before bedtime will help prevent painful night cramps that occur.

Massage is another great and effective for relieving symptoms of cramps. Muscle relaxation with a gentle massage will help the pain ceases pretty quickly.

The application of heat as a heating pad or hot water bottle will further relax muscles and calm the spasms. This is particularly useful in menstrual cramps. A hot shower will also work in ensuring the region focuses on cramps.

How to prevent cramps

leg exercises can help when you sit for long periods of time. Doing pushups ankle will allow oxygen to flow in the legs and muscle tissue. If possible make sure you take breaks and walk around.
Hydration is very important if you suffer from cramps regularly. It could be a case to stay hydrated to keep the cramps away especially if you exercise. Some sports drinks contain extra electrolytes that could help replace electrolytes lost through sweat.
Vitamin supplements can be beneficial if you suffer from cramps due to pregnancy. Adequate intake of calcium and magnesium can help relieve cramps during pregnancy, but be sure to consult your doctor before taking anything. Calcium and magnesium intake may also help with cramps at night.
Footwear is another factor to think if you suffer from cramps regularly. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes stuffed with good arch support. This will help support the rest of the leg muscles and prevent foot injuries.
The pillows are great if they are placed under the knees, while in bed This will help prevent night cramps by increasing blood flow to the muscles.

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