5 Natural remedies to remove dark circles

Even some of the most spectacular women often have to use concealers and makeup to hide your dark circles. Not only do these circles under your eyes make you look much older than they really are, but they are also seeing sick or unhealthy.

Even before starting this natural course, let me tell you that the rings take time to heal and require great discipline. A regular program of skin and health care should be followed by the book, so do not expect a magical night.

The causes of dark circles

First let’s go to some of the root causes of dark circles.

1. Lack of adequate water intake – It is important to remove toxins from your body permanently and store them for not damaged. Start with atleast 10-12 glasses of water for daily consumption.

2. Hemoglobin levels – also must register with the internal problems regarding their hemoglobin and get an appointment with your doctor to see if there is an internal weakness that may have to take vitamin supplements. This, however, can also be replaced by a high protein content and a balanced diet.

3. Genetic causes – often the reason why dark circles may be genetic and not directly related to their nutritional intake. In this case, you will not be able to get rid of them completely, but once worked properly, will certainly be able to reduce drastically.

4. Insomnia – For night birds of the festival, smoke or drink, dark circles are bound to appear. Balance your lifestyle and get adequate rest.

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5. Stress – Most people who are highly stressed also have sleep problems. Any of them suffer from sleep disorders and turning in bed or constantly think not get to sleep. Often he wakes up groggy in the morning.

6. The lack of a good diet – junk, heavy preservative foods and lack of fresh salads and nutritious foods in your diet will also make the skin look pale and dark circles give.

7. prolonged illness – When recovering from a long illness, dark circles may begin to appear due to internal weakness.

8. computer hours – long hours before the computer can be painful to the eyes and can lead to eye strain and dark circles. palms glass eyes every hour to relax the eye muscles and improve blood flow.

The solution

So how do we fight them? How to look younger and especially how can our complexion even?

For those who have internal problems, this is a weakness, poor diet or irregular lifestyle, they know exactly what to do to change it. Reducing stress in your life by incorporating yoga, meditation or even a hobby at least three times a week in his life. This will change the way you look and feel.

Vitamin supplements are often necessary and recommend vitamin B and C that help repair and improve skin texture. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, kiwis, apricots and melons have high levels of vitamin C and should be included in your diet.

1. Massage

Mix coconut oil and almond oil and massage gently in a circular motion around the eyes. Leave it on for about an hour. This should be done every day.

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You can also do the following eye mask reduces dark circles if used regularly. My suggestion is that the mask is made and stored in the refrigerator. It will last up to 1 week without easily go wrong.

Pack 2. Eye

fresh ground coconut
A few drops of lemon juice
2 teaspoons grated cucumber
1 teaspoon cream
3 tablespoons tea porcelain clay

Mix all these ingredients together and store in the refrigerator. Cover your eyes with cotton gauge and apply the mask on top, taking care that the package does not flow in the eye. You can lie down in a cool place and relax. Ideally, this should be left in place for at least 20 minutes before washing gently with milk and then water.

Tomato Toner 3. Eye

Mix the lemon juice and fresh tomato juice and massage the eye area with this newspaper. Leave the toner for about 20 minutes and wash with coconut water.

4. grated potatoes

We found raw grated or sliced ??raw potato, even cold to have skin lightening effects of potatoes. I have used these ingredients often with positive results to lighten dark circles.

5. Herbal

Most of us have smartened and directed to the whims Excess sugar in tea and coffee. We have switched to healthier drinks such as tea and sugar alternatives. If you have been through and drinking herbal tea, do not throw tea bags in the trash, but keep them in the refrigerator. Use them in the eyes, especially after a massage the eyes. Chamomile tea bags are wonderful for this and have been shown to dramatically relieve eye area!

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