Feeling sick in the stomach? Easy Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Needless to say, the health of the stomach is essential to ensure our overall well-being. The food we consume, if not digested properly, could lead to various diseases, including poor absorption of nutrients, which can make you feel low. Have you noticed that when you feel sick in the stomach all day going for a jog? During the summer, the risk of double upset stomach due to a number of reasons. This is when the diarrhea, a digestive disorder, also increases. Although anyone can fall prey to any time, it is more common in summer when the chances of infection from foodborne disease and foodborne are highest.


According to Dr. Rupali Datta, chief nutritionist, smartcooky, “There can be many causes of diarrhea. – From food poisoning, food allergies and abuse of laxatives, stomach surgery or even stress however intolerance, the most common form that is seen as a result of food consumption or consumption of foods that the body is intolerant “hygienic.

She said stress can also trigger digestive problems as our body is closely related to our psychological health.

Here are some tips to help prevent diarrhea –

– During summers, it remains imperative to maintain control over the amount of food consumed.

– Always eat light and in small portions.

– Try to avoid items that are too heavy or fat for digestion.

– Add lots of water, liquids and yogurt to your diet.

– Avoid eating fruit salad and cut outside less sure of the quality of the place.

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– The juices should also be taken under caution, be aware of hygiene of the place.

– “.. Do not eat spoiled food, even when the house in summer, regular ingredients tend to go bad at double speed so it is advisable to cook and eat fresh” advises Dr. Ashutosh Gautam, clinical operations manager coordination, Baidyanath.

Care Belly

Diarrhea can literally suck all the energy possible from your body. It usually manifests as stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting and repeated need to go to the toilet resulting in loose stools. Sometimes the condition limits the patient to eat or drink anything, because after each shot, the patient may experience nausea or bloating. “There are already more than enough loss of fluids and electrolytes from the body. Do not eat or drink only worsen the situation. Keep drinking fluids and eating sweet intervals, bland food,” adds Dr. Rupali.

Keep the following in mind for fast recovery:
– See your doctor immediately.

– Meanwhile keep hydration levels up.

– Enjoy a mixture of electrolyte powder diluted in one liter of water.

– You can also make a mixture of sugar, lemon juice and salt in the water and still at intervals.

– Always remember, too much sugar will hinder the stomach, so try to keep a balance.
– Sodium and potassium aid digestion return to normal; Therefore, items like bananas are recommended in the treatment of diarrhea and discomfort diluted apple juice can be taken, but not much. clear, hot soups, clear broth Chicken, whey and curds must be added to the diet.

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– Cow’s milk should be avoided. However, milk and soy products like tofu and cottage cheese can be eaten.

– Add the rice, washed dals and refined flour in your diet. Make khichdi could be a good choice.

– The Skinned apples can be eaten. Apples are a good source of pectin having binding properties. applesauce are also a good choice.

– “In case of vomiting that accompanies the condition, refrigerated liquid consumption can help”

– After preparing green tea slightly, but without caffeine.
“Keep a check on your regular water intake is very important. They have no water anywhere, bring your own water bottle. In the case of mineral water are not available, double boil ordinary water is still recommended, “says Gautam.

Quarter teaspoon jaiphal (nutmeg) can be added to green tea and consumed to relieve the stomach. If you can get your hands on Kutaj fruits, there is nothing like tame the stomach, dysentery, flu, stomach upset and diarrhea. His own medical name is antidysenterica Holarrhena. Its bark and stem can be used for the treatment of loose motions. You can get your bark powder and mix with a teaspoon of curd.

Another popular home remedy proposed by many experts is a combination of isabgol (psyllium husk) and yogurt. “Just one teaspoon mixed with isabgol cheese can help you feel better.