Getting Rid of Garlic Breath Next Day

A severe case of garlic breath can ruin a date, even though both have. These foods, if after eating a dish garlic-y, may be able to save the day.

In this video channel YouTube SciShow, host Michael Aranda explains the science behind the stinking garlic ultimate weapon: allyl methyl sulfide. In addition, Aranda sharing some tips on how to save your date of overwhelming power of garlic. Although researchers are not sure exactly why these foods showed evidence of neutralizing the smell of garlic:

These foods may contain enzymes that help break down the sulfur compounds, and the fat content in milk helps deodorize them. Of course, if you have any of these foods around, and you’re done, do not have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste, the best you can do is try to cover it with gum or mints breath.

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