How to get rid of pubic hair naturally and permanently ?

The Advanced Guide to Getting Rid of Your Pubic Hair

First, you’ll want to decide how much maintenance to do. Here are some common options:

Cleaning of the sides. This is the most basic, for those who just want to flirt with hair removal option. Your beautician will take a few centimeters on the sides. He works for boys or girls. (For girls, which is often considered a bikini.TambiƩn wax can get a French bikni wax, which includes elimination of lip hair, and Brazilian bikini wax, which includes hair between cheeks).
Triangle. This is the most common choice. Here, even more hair is removed from the sides and the top, forming the hair in the form of a controlled triangle. You can ask your beautician to clean the edges between your legs, remove all the lips lip hair or leave it alone.
Landing runway. With this option, your pubic hair is formed in a rectangle that can range from a half-inch to a few centimeters wide. Lip hair can be cleaned on the side or completely removed.
A random. Beauticians can do something crazy these days. You can get the initials of a partner, a heart, or any other simple design you can dream of.
Everything outside. If any. Including the hair around your Butthole. This is usually called Brazilian.
If you are not sure how to receive, you can always turn to Google for more help to view your options. Unless you go with one of the permanent hair removal options (laser or electrolysis), will grow again, so why not have fun?

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Hair Removal

Yes, Nair still standing and still as strong.

How it works: Depilatories are creams that are applied directly to the hair and then clean a few minutes later. The chemicals in the cream break down the structure of the hair follicles, thus eliminating the need for shaving.

Why you should consider: Depilatories are beautiful because they are painless and last a little longer than shaving. It is strange (but strangely satisfying) to clean your hair away with the cream. You can use a depilatory in the privacy of your own home without school education.

Disadvantages: You are literally giving a controlled chemical burn when using depilatories. They are very toxic and have a horrible smell. Depilatories are too strong to be used in the delicate tissues of the lips or near your penis, so you should only consider depilatories if you want to remove the hair on the edges of your bikini line.

How to Get the Best Results: If you are anal (heh) wanting a straight line, use a rule to help you determine where to apply the cream. Test the hair removal at the back of his leg first, to ensure that does not have an allergic reaction. If you’re going to have a rash, I’m willing to bet you’d rather have a leg in the crotch (“I swear, it’s just my Nair!”) Make sure you follow the instructions perfectly. Leave these things for long.

Soft wax

Betcha did not know there was more than one type of wax! Soft wax is what most people imagine when they think about waxing.

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How it works: Soft wax is heated and then applied directly to the skin with a spatula in the direction of hair growth. Then, a tissue of muslin or bandage is placed over the wax, and pulled in the opposite direction to the growth of the hairs to be removed.

Normally, a soft wax made in a salon is obtained, but there are products at home, including pre-assembled strips of soft wax. Nad is a very popular brand. (Am I going out with this amazing informercial Nad?)

Why should I consider it? The results can last from two to six weeks. Since you pull your hair at the root, it is much more effective than shaving or using a depilatory cream. In addition, regular hair removal, the hair begins to grow more and more fine.

Disadvantages: I will not lie any type of waxing is painful. I mean, you remove the hair from some of the most sensitive skins of your body; What are you waiting for? You may also be asked to enter quite embarrassing positions (“make a cannonball for me!”), And may be forced to participate in your own torture (“Can you hold your lips right here and pull very hard? “). Also, your beautician will probably want to wax your Butthole too, and what’s beyond embarrassing (but hey, it’s not like his is the first and only hairy Butthole will ever see).