5 Effective Tips To Prevent And Get Rid Of The Sun Burn Quickly

1. What makes some people more likely to burn in the sun?

-The body directs melanin in areas of the skin being hit by UV rays.

-Melanin Protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

-People More melanin (which are darker) have more protection. They also have a lower tendency to sunburn compared to people with lighter skin (less melanin).

2. Why should I take care of sunburn quickly?

Sunburns are dangerous and can form blisters, hives or bleed if left untreated

3. Is it OK to put the baking soda paste on your face?

Yes, it is okay to put the baking soda paste on your face. However, before you do, apply to your skin, probably in the back of your hand first to see if there are effects of allergy.

4. After putting the baking soda paste on my face, I leave it to rest or rub on the skin and wash immediately?

You can get rid of sunburn by applying the paste on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing them with hot (and cold) water.

5. Can you keep a tan after getting sunburn?

Tanning and sunburn are completely two separate issues. Tanning is caused by melanin which protects our skin from harmful UV rays, while the pain is caused by a protein called CXCL5 that stimulates pain receptors. Because melanin is collected at the starting point where UV rays have hit, it is impossible to avoid a tan after sunburn.

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