How to get a tab of your eye safely.

Itchy, rough, very irritating: lashes trapped
Do you ever have a horrible scratching sensation in your eyes and you realize that once again you have a tab it trapped? Boring, is not it? It may be enough to distract from their work or studies and you can start annoying others if you constantly rub or push your eyes during a conversation. However, there are many solutions to this common problem. Follow the steps below to remove a tab easily and securely.

Why do some people suffer from trapped lashes more often than others?
Everyone naturally throws his eyelashes, but some people are more likely to get lost in his eyes glued eyelashes. If you have long eyelashes, cry more often than average, or prone to rub your eyes when you are tired, you may be more likely to experience this problem regularly. You can prevent it from happening first by touching the eyes with the lowest possible frequency and using gentle motions when you wash your face. Rub vigorously can cause eyelashes to loosen the eyelid and become trapped in the eyes.

Deleting a Capture Tab
First, stop rubbing your eyes. By biting and pushing, you run the risk of causing an eye injury by grinding the flange against the surface of the eyeball. Then, choose one of the following methods. If this does not work, try another one. Take your time – the eye is a delicate organ and its sight is magnificent, so be careful.

1. Test the rinsing method with water.

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Fill a sink with clean water – boiled cold or bottled water is ideal – and soak your face. Now, blink several times. The water should gently peel off the tab.

2. Use the clean fingers to remove the tab.

Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild, dry antibacterial soap with a clean towel. Use a mirror to help you locate the tab. Use one hand to hold the eye open, and use the other hand to remove the tabs. Now take a deep breath and use a finger to dab on the tab, which rises to the surface of the eyeball.

Otherwise, try a short side or drag the tab to move to the corner of your eye movement. Then you can use a clean cotton finger or snap dipped in water or saline to remove the tab. Note that it is more likely to work if the tab is affixed to the white of the eye instead of the iris. Make sure your nails are well stocked before you try this method, otherwise you may scratch the eye or introduce harmful bacteria.

3. Try to use saline solution and dropper.

If you happen to have eye drops out there, use the eye of the cleansing tab. Tilt your head back and administer 2-3 drops. Flashes several times.

4. Wait the next day.

While we sleep, our eyes release natural eye secretions to clean dirt or foreign bodies. Therefore, you may find that when you wake up in the morning, the tab is gone!

5. Peel or cut an onion.

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They contain a chemical called non propanetal-S-oxide, which when released releases the eyes to release tears. Let’s spray a few minutes may be all that is needed to solve the problem.

The above methods work in most cases. However, if you can not change a stubborn tab itself, make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.