Getting Superpowers in real life

The human body and brain are quite amazing. They are also fragile and silent. Realizing this can make your life miserable, or you can look at it as an opportunity and take control. This weekend, learn some built superpowers who do not know you had. All it takes is a little practice.

Let’s go piece by piece, from head to toe.

your head
There are many fun things you can do with your head, inside and outside. Let’s start with the brain. We publish various mental hacks week, so there is no shortage of ways to deceive be smarter, more creative, happier, and nothing else. However, mental hacks can be applied a little wider and refer simply to find better ways to think or learn more about the strange things that his brain could make you do. We want something great. When you stimulate the brain in different ways, either positively or negatively react or somewhere in between. It may seem to have no control over how it happens or how we feel, but we. Sometimes it’s as simple as first your brain with the right words. It can also be as simple as evoke a feeling. If you really want to hack your brain, read our guide. We will present some basic techniques you can use to get more control over your own behavior. This can help you use cravings in your favor, make difficult decisions more easily, to create stronger links with the people you love and keep your brain from sabotaging your life.
How to cut your brain

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But outside your head can make things interesting, too. You can mark your pupils or shrink under control. If this does not seem particularly useful, you can improve your night vision just moving in and out of the light and dark spaces (or just use a cell phone to switch between light and darkness, without having to go nowhere). Pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth may prevent cry when it comes to onion and even prevent brain freeze. Need a hard pill to swallow? Follow these instructions and press the left thumb for lowering your gag reflex. You can even amplify the signal point distance in your car in your mouth. It is a little scary some strange stuff that you can play with your own head.
Or turn dilates his pupils in order

If the eyes are the window to the soul, being able to manipulate the way your eyes appear to others is …
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Your hands and feet
Your hands and feet are useful, but they have their drawbacks. An example of this is when “asleep” and are devastated by pins and needles. If your hands fall to this problem, just relax nerves in the neck. When it arrives at your feet, the best you can do is walk around.

Get Rid of Pins and Needles in Your Hands by Moving Your Head

That tingling feeling when your hand or foot falls asleep (a condition known as paresthesia) sure…
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There’s much more you can do with your hands. We’ve already mentioned squeezing your left thumb to reduce your gag reflex, but you can also relieve nausea by pressing on your wrist. In fact, there are quite a lot of neat things you can do with a little acupressure. But if you’d rather just impress people, check out these 10 badass things you can do one-handed. The moment you open a beer bottle, shuffle a deck of cards, or eat an entire chicken wing with only one hand, you’ll get a round of applause.
Relieve Nausea by Pressing on the Inside of Your Wrist

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There isn’t quite so much neat stuff you can do with your feet, but if you’re looking to burn some fat there is one thing: start tapping your feet. Apparently fidgeting is a big calorie-buster.
Banish Up to 350 Extra Calories a Day with a Tap of Your Foot

This time of year people resolve to give up all the foods they love in a Herculean effort to shed…
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Your, Uh, Middle Area
Oh, the magical things you can do with your crotch. Most of the time we shy away from the area but there are a few tricks worth noting. One of the biggest problems we have is our bladders—specifically when we need to empty them out and there’s nowhere to (politely) do so. When you’re stuck without a place to pee, scratch your leg or rub the back of your calf. It can help reduce the need. After the business has been done, many men are probably familiar with the issue of getting it all out. When there are a few drops left, several Redditors suggest applying light pressure to your perineum to get it all out. This might not be the world’s least embarrassing solution, but it works for many men.
Scratch your leg if you gotta go (to the bathroom)

A goofy article in the The Sydney Morning Herald reports that scratching the back of your leg might …
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Your Whole Body
Some tricks work well for your entire body. If you get hot, knowing your body’s cooling points can make it easier for you to cool off faster. It’s not about cooling your entire body, but rather cooling of certain areas to expedite the process. If you’ve got limited cooling resources, this is especially helpful.
Know Your Body’s Quick-Cooling Spots

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Plenty of other things can affect your body in interesting ways. Learning a few breathing exercises can increase your stamina when exercising. Simply looking at sick people can give your immune system a boost. With a little practice, you can boost your alcohol tolerance. Those are just a few examples. You’ll find more on our body hacks tag page.