Giving Massage to Back

It is an interesting situation, is not: Few of us are born with innate abilities massage, however, almost all of us love giving and receiving a good massage. Because of the many benefits of massage to relieve pain and reduce stress learn to give a better massage for yourself or your partner may be deep, and everyone can do it. I spoke with an expert massage therapist and founder of therapeutic massage elements, Michele Merhib, to pick up some tips to increase your massage fu.

Massaging best partner

Use your body weight so it does not get tired. One of the biggest complaints Michele said that listening to customers is that their partners were only massage for a few minutes and stop because their hands or arms of the evil that is fatigue that you mentioned, and most likely he to do with positioning. Massage is less about its grip and more on your posture and the use of gravity.

So instead of trying to give your partner a massage when she is standing next to you or sitting beside you on the couch, having to sit on the floor on a pillow while sitting on the couch or in a chair while he stands behind her. It could also be on the floor on blankets or carpets, but when you feel you can get extra baggage lying on leaning forward as he massaged the back.

Do not forget the oil. To avoid the uncomfortable friction and help your hands glide easily, use a lotion or a little massage with olive oil. Do not just pay it on the back, however, as a salad. Use the oil in their own hands and warm them.

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Not bad. Do not pinch or grasp muscles. You can avoid this by keeping your fingers together and using the whole hand massage. Michele compares the sculpture massage: When working with clay, we must spend some time soothing at first. It is the same for a massage, use gentle movements to warm the muscles before trying to knead.

At first, whether the pressure is sufficient. It must feel the pressure, but no pain. Adjust as needed: If she wants a deeper massage, based on the following items, using your body weight. You can also use your fingers to target very stiff muscles.

The Book of Massage for Dummies has a cheat sheet to give a massage, including vulnerable areas of the body should stay away from, including the front of the neck, in the arm and abdomen.

How to massage the neck and shoulders make a soft fist (loose) and use the heel of your hand to apply pressure to the left shoulder, put your hand on the side of his neck at the base of the skull, then back . Without breaking contact, repeat on the other side. To do this, two or three times.

Here is a Hands Massage School Education video demonstration giving a shoulder massage and neck using a compression technique.

How to massage your back: With the heel of your hand and the tips of the thumbs rubbing circles up and down along your spine to warm up the muscles. Do not put pressure on the spine itself.

It can bend forward while moving down. Press your hands behind your back and slowly bends to apply pressure with your body weight.

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Finally, using a kneading motion with the whole hand to grip and knead the muscles along the backbone smoothly.

Here’s a video for a back massage and neck feel full (a bit long, but relaxing to watch too).

Give a better massage Auto

Michele offered various tricks to get rid of tension and massage your own muscles.

Shoulders: Use the hand opposite the shoulder you want to work (for example, the right hand to his left shoulder massage) and put it in his shoulder. press gently on the shoulder and run your thumb against the neck. Repeat on the other side. Go ahead and try it now. Ahhhh …

Hands: Okay, now go get a pencil with an eraser. With the palm was introduced, press the eraser on the fleshy parts of the hand (especially in the thumb pad), which moves in circles and go deeper than necessary. The reason the soft gum is better than one hand, by the way, because your brain may confuse the signals when you feel sensations in both hands, Michele said.

A technique for relieving wrist pain is to push his hand at the elbow. You should do this several times a day and stretch out your hand and fingers massage on their breaks.

Back: These therapy or exercise balls balls are great for massaging the back. Being in the same and just roll; which is very good for the alignment of the spine. If you do not have an exercise ball, it is an impressive BodyBack friends for deep muscle massage difficult fabrics to achieve tool.

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