Beginner’s Guide To grow a beard in a month

Looking to exude a bit more masculine charm of the baby’s face? It’s time to grow a beard!

It is understandable that you feel nervous any venture into new territory hair face. However, with a little guidance, you will be well on your way to greatness beard in a month.

If your style is clean and tidy or wild and rebellious, this guide provides an essential guide to the powerful realization beard you want.

Prepare yourself for success

This first month is all about meeting his new facial hair, after all, are not all men can grow facial hair at the same speed or strength. Age, health, and genetics play an important role in hair growth of a person. However, here are 3 factors within your control that can accelerate the growth of the beard:

More than 8 hours of sleep and manage their daily stress level as it has been identified as a hair loss factor

A diet rich in protein to nourish your body with essential nutrients for hair growth

Drink at least 4 liters of water per day to maintain hair growth, they support fully hydrated
Week 1: Commitment
If you are used to a clean shave sport, the first week is the hardest.

As the first signs appear scruff, it will not be enough! It often seems uneven, irregular and thorny to the touch. Worst of all, can be itchy as hell!

Consider this first step as proof of their dedication, you can not give up! Resist the temptation to shave or put in order all facial hair. At this stage, it is essential that allows your beard emerge unhindered.

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Itchy soften the beard: Try not to scratch too, as this can lead to infection. slight beard oils can be your savior, keeping his facial area and hair smoother face.

Week 2: maximize growth
The neck will be more important for the moment, the foundation of his mighty beard coming. Also, you begin to notice where the strong and weak points of growth are.

The relentless growth is the current priority, continue to resist the urge to tidy up or trim. Just let the chips fall if you can!

To maintain manageable itch, be sure to monitor the implementation of the oil beard.

Boost your beard growth: If your beard is patchy, supplements can be taken to maximize hair growth and quality. Certain vitamins and minerals have been to promote hair growth and health. Try increasing your beard with biotin, a supplement of natural hair growth containing vitamin B6, C and E.

Week 3: You’re almost done
For now, they conquered the hardest part of growing his first beard. Itching should be reduced significantly and facial hair, finally worthy of the condition of the beard!

Now you can use a safety razor to patches and tidy edges, simply do not go too wild!

Maintaining good health Blackbeard: Now, you’ll benefit of a quality beard. He will keep his hair clean face, manageable and fresh. If your beard is long enough, use the brush beard to help “train” form.

Week 4: Choose your style
His hard work and perseverance finally paid off his beard strong and ready to carve the end! It is time to precisely and completely dial in your chosen style.

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With itching disappeared, filled patches and the final form revealed that you can confidently choose a style that suits your face and personality.