Step-by-Step Guide to using #Hashtag on Social Network Sites

If you are a novice social media, hashtags – short links preceded by the pound sign (#) – may seem confusing and unnecessary. But they are an integral part of how we communicate online, and it is important to know how to use (although some people like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are not the biggest fans). In addition, they can be a lot of fun.

On Twitter, the pound sign (or hash) turns any word or group of words that follow directly on a search link. This allows you to organize content and keep track of discussion topics based on those keywords. Therefore, if you want to write about the end of Breaking Bad, you must include in your #BreakingBad tweet to join the conversation. Click on a hashtag to see all messages that mention the subject in real time.

The widespread use of hashtag started by Twitter but has extended to other social media platforms. In 2007, the developer Chris Messina suggested in a tweet that Twitter starts themes of this group using the hash symbol. Twitter initially rejected the idea. But in October 2007, the citizen journalists started using the hashtag #SanDiegoFire, at the suggestion of Messina, to tweet updates in a series of wildfires in San Diego. The removed hashtagging practice; Now users and brands use hashtags to cover political developments severe (#Cairo) and entertainment themes (#MileyCyrus) similar.

With our guide for beginners, you hashtagging like a pro in no time.

How many there are hashtags? Let us know in #comments.

Supported characters


What are the characters that can be included in a #hashtag?

For starters, the spaces are an absolute no-no. Even if your hashtag contains several words, all group together. If you want to differentiate between the words, instead use capitals (#BlueJasmine). The capital letters will not change its search results, so look #BlueJasmine produce the same results as #bluejasmine.

The numbers are supported, so I tweet about # 50ShadesOfGrey to your heart’s content. However, punctuation marks are not, so that commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks and apostrophes are out. Forgetting asterisks ampersand or another special character.

Note that the @ symbol is something completely different. Using the Twitter handle @ before a person tweets him directly, letting her know that she wrote him in the @Connect tab. A hashtag will not. Sometimes the hashtag user name of a celebrity instead of using your Twitter fashion – is acceptable or @lordemusic #Lorde tweeter. But if you try to contact someone directly, do not use a hashtag.

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There is no set list of hashtags. Create new hashtag simply by chopping before a series of words, and if it has not been used before, voila! You invented a hashtag.

Supported platforms

Most major social media platforms supporting hashtags. This include:

Twitter: Twitter is the birthplace of the modern use of hashtag – as such, their hashtags are more versatile than other sites “(see” tone and voice, “below) Twitter hashtags are mainly used for. designate specific topics of conversation sidebar “Trends” of his Conservative Twitter hashtags a list you might be interested in, based on their tweets.

When looking for a hashtag on Twitter, there are three ways to filter the results. The “Home” shows the most relevant and popular, including users who do not follow the messages. “All” displays all tweets using the hashtag specific real-time, and “People follow the” only show the results of the users you follow.

Facebook: Facebook recently added the hashtag support in June 2013, and the practice has not picked up much steam. However, by clicking on the Facebook hashtags take you to a list of messages containing the same hashtag. The results are not limited to people you know.

Instagram: hashtags can be used to complement the photos shared on Instagram and help you discover new accounts and gather followers. Some hashtags were created specifically for Instagram picture challenges – #ThrowbackThursday, for example, encourages users to post retro pictures. Vine hashtags used in the same way – proves that accompanies each of its vine videos with at least one hashtag to maximize be shared.

Google+: When you click on a hashtag on Google+, the search results will include the original hashtag, as well as messages with tags and similar keywords. Google search results are displayed on the left side of the page, while the results of hashtag within Google+ are shown on the right. Google also gives you the ability to search on Facebook or Twitter.

Tumblr: Tumblr messages have a special “Label” section where you can enter labels. These tags operate like Twitter hashtags, messages organizing the subject, but the hash symbol is automatically inserted. Hashtags included in the main body of an item are not turned into links.

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Pinterest: Pinterest use hashtags to tag and find content. Click the hashtag to a pin to browse results that contain the exact hashtag, as well as pins with the same word or phrase in the description.

Are hashtags curious trends through social media? labels are hot live said.

Tone and Voice


Beyond simply organizing your tweets, Twitter hashtags can help you create your voice while you join a broader discussion. You can use multiple hashtags in one tweet, but do not go overboard. One to three is generally an acceptable range.

In a post on The New Yorker, Susan Orlean notes that hashtags can provide colorful commentary as a “murmured in a handkerchief” aside, to provide context and to convey humor or sarcasm.

Sometimes a hashtag is so bizarre or specific that there is little if any, research results are assigned. It is mainly for entertainment purposes. Orlean gives the example “Sarah Palin for President ??!? #Iwouldratherhaveamoose.” As she points out, it is unlikely that someone who really seems “#Iwouldratherhaveamoose” but adds a touch of humor that fans appreciate.

Here are some tweets samples using hashtags (in bold) to add context, mood, and voice:

  • Let the weekend begin! #TGIF
  • The port socks with Crocs is so elegant #kidding
  • Just dropped my second ice cream cone. #fallar
  • I do not like it when people smoke electronic cigarettes inside. #rude #annoying #whygodwhy
  • #Gravity The film is beautiful but terrible! #nevergoingtospace
  • I’m loving ‘The Sound of Things Falling “by Juan Gabriel Vásquez #FridayReads

Business and Marketing

Many brands now have Twitter accounts, and some choose to create hashtags to promote events or specific campaigns. If you want to use Twitter as part of their business strategy, here are some tips to consider:

Consolidate your tweets: Choose a specific account to represent your brand or business. Set up a business or designate an employee tweeting on behalf of the company. This way, users can find all your tweets in one place.

Use relevant hashtags: See what hashtags other companies in your field they use. If you are promoting cheap airfare, you should use hashtags as #CheapTravel and #FlightDeals so users will find that when you search for those keywords.

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Follow the trends: See what hashtags are oriented and use them – if they are relevant for your business. Using a popular hashtag that has nothing to do with your brand (eg, including #MileyCyrus in a tweet about cheap airline tickets) makes you look like a spammer and damage your credibility .

Create your own hashtag: If you want to create a special hashtag for an event or campaign, select one that has not been used before and reminds everyone to use in related tweets. Be sure to include the hashtag in any promotional material. Make informative but short – for example, Mashable uses #MashReads speak writers visiting our office.

Generate buzz: Creating a competition, contest or promotion is a great way to get Twitter to talk about your brand. Users will be more likely to retweet their hashtags if they know they can win a prize to do it. For example, if you are promoting a new candy store called Candy Land, get a Twitter buzz by offering free goodies for users tweeting #CandyLandPromo.

Remember, the visibility of your hashtag depend on privacy settings. If your Twitter account is private, only people allowed seeing their tweets have access to their hashtags. If you use hashtags to increase exposure of your brand, make sure your tweets are attached to the public.

Best practices

Twitter has a useful list of best practices for the use of hashtags, but here are three key tips for all users:

Be specific: If you use a hashtag to join a conversation, make sure that the hashtag is specific and relevant to the topic. If we talk about Obama health plan, use #Obamacare rather than simply #Obama. A vague or generic hashtag or #opinion Stock items are not effective, either.

Keep it simple: hashtags such as links, see as spam if used too often. Three hashtags should be the ultimate Twitter and Facebook, but they can get away with more hashtags on Instagram and Vine. Hashtag and not the same word twice ( “#Gravity is a great movie! Everyone will see #Gravity”). It is #redundant.

Put in context: A tweet that contains only hashtags is not only confusing – it’s boring. If your tweet simply reads, “#happy”, his supporters have no idea what you mean. Similarly, if you tweet, “#BreakingBad is #awesome,” you’re not really adding much to the conversation.