How to heal a broken heart after divorce ?

How to Heal a Broken Heart, and Feel Better After

So let’s be realistic. It is very difficult to concentrate on recovery when asked about what is wrong. Why did it go? Why more interested? Do you want to go back to being one day together? You thought you were sister souls. The questions and thoughts damned. For some of us, it feels like we have to start again, and for others it may be easier to move on. There is no established way to heal or recover from a broken heart. But there are actions you can take to get out on top.

One of the best things I learned in my life has always been to focus on myself first, even in a relationship. This happened after having to start over several times after a relationship ended. I hope this will not only help but also inspire to remind you that with or without one, the most important relationship we have in life is ourselves. Do not forget in the process of your anxiety: you are the most important thing to remember by that person. If you made a big mistake in the relationship or not, this time is now to ensure protection is a priority.
How to Gently Heal a Broken Heart

1. Make a choice: run or pain or deal with it. We hope you want to deal with it and not be distracted by other means (eg overwork, addiction, jumping into another relationship, being so busy you can not think). Take up the challenge and face it head on. This will allow you to be free from pain in the time it takes instead of staying there forever.

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2. There is no room for guilt in your life before. If you have made a mistake, then by all means feel guilt at the moment. You may want to apologize for the situation. But continued guilt is a murderer. Desasts this.

3. Do not be hard on yourself in the healing process. Feel your emotions and recognize. Remove what you feel is robotic and is sure to leave it otherwise. He is awkward and uncomfortable, but through movements allows him to feel like a human being. It’s normal. Do not be ashamed of feeling like it does.

4. Speaking, writing, singing, dancing, drawing and creating, if you have a passion you miss, you use it to help you heal. Music and writing are my escape and I can express myself in good health by a newspaper without anybody’s trial. You get my thoughts and feelings. I finish creating some great pieces too!

5. Our state of mind can help us move forward or stay in a state of fear, sadness and sorrow! It is very easy to stay hurt and angry, but that does not help us personally. Take each day as it comes and choose the attitude you raise.

How to feel better after

1. How is your health? Yes, it sounds clichÈ, but having a healthy mind, body and soul is an excellent basis for recovery. It will help you to free up the damage and be clear-minded in their everyday affairs. Stress can diminish and ordered thoughts.

2. Get happy with you if you are not already. Focus on your ambitions and goals. If you do not, it’s time to start thinking. Trust can activate or regain to be motivated and see their dreams. Anxiety will recover, but time is something we can not recover.

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3. Surround yourself with people who will allow you to be yourself. Talk to people about what’s going on. It is what they are friends and family, helping each other. Do fun things with friends and groups of people. I went to some festivals with groups of friends and I danced all day. He really showed me how I’m not alone and I can have fun without a partner.

4. Pardon yourself and the person on your own time. Make a choice to forgive immediately does not mean that I actually exceeded my fainting immediately. It is enough to set in motion the forgiveness and I could see the positive in what I learned from the experience. He kept my heart free from hatred and anger, something that drags us if we cling to it.

5. Connected to the universe, nature, meditation or prayer, he neglected his spiritual side? Contact with the inner self and listen to the words that come to you. Look for peace, joy, healing and strength through this time and you can receive it.

6. Some people like to go out of places where they went with an earlier relationship: I like to go to the same places. I remember a restaurant that I kept going every Saturday, as I did in my relationship, except with friends. I enjoyed the breakfast. The fact that a relationship does not work does not mean that the places on the map have to be crossed out. There is no way I would sacrifice my favorite breakfast! And basically if you.

7. Avoid negativity towards the whole genre ( “All men / women are cheats!”) I have never been to participate in this mockery, simply because we experienced a bad experience or break does not mean That the whole human race will hurt us. If we have this prospect, we can lose the opportunities and the wonderful people who come in our way.

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8. Does something completely by itself. Unique. Having the time to be on our own allows us to reuse our own business. I know a lot of people who fill their time with others after a breakup. It is very obvious that they do not want to be alone. The only way to overcome being alone alone! Enjoy your business. It’s better than you think.

9. Break the pattern. After a few tears, I noticed a pattern and it seemed that she frequented the same types of men. I studied it and looked inside to see why this can happen. There is a lot of information about repeating habits and going out with the same types of people. I came to my own conclusions and I broke my model.

10. Learn from your mistakes. After each relationship I made mental note of what I do and do not want in a relationship. I acknowledge that my standards have raised a hell of a lot, but I’m glad they did. I owe much to offer as a person in a relationship, in life and others. Focus on being with the right person for me “one day” meant that I do not waste my time in meaning relationships.