Hiding Snapchat Bestfriends with Few Steps

Snapchat grew in popularity in recent years, now with 100 million daily users, and has managed to become the go-to platform communication for many people between the ages of 13 and 25 years.

If you use Snapchat, you can realize the “best friends” – published a public list of people you talk more often. There is no way to disable this feature or choose who is on the list, so you may have problems to show the world that you are chatting. What these concerns is your business – if you’re worried about this girl who is not your girlfriend showing his best friend, or if you just want to keep your close personal connections. In any case, although there is no formal framework to remove a person from your list of best friends, is not a solution that allows it done.

How “Best Friends” Snapchat Work?

His list of best friends in Snapchat is just a way of keeping track of the people you talk more often. Appears at the top of your main list of friends, so that users are more accessible when a new complement is sent, it also appears on your profile.

But how is it calculated? It’s pretty simple, actually.

You may have noticed that every user has a “score” – a measure of the total number of shots sent and received since joined Snapchat. In this spirit, a similar score is assigned to individual conversations between you and each of your friends. The more you talk to a specific person, the higher your score becomes friendship. To determine who visits your list of best friends, Snapchat looks at these results and list the friends who converse with most in the order of their score friendship.

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Best friends make it feature very handy to quickly send snaps his closest friends, but again, you may want to not share their best friends with people viewing your profile (or look over your shoulder).

What “friend Emojis” half Snapchat mean?


Snapchat recently added “friend Emojis” to the list of the best friends – small icons that say different things about Snapchat their relationship with each of your best friends. This is what we mean:

  • The gold star appears next to someone when one of his shots was repeated in the past 24 hours.
  • Baby appears next to new friends.
  • The double pink heart appears next to your # 1 best friend when you’re as your # 1 best friend for two months.
  • Red heart next to your # 1 best friend when you’re as your # 1 best friend for two weeks.
  • Heart of Gold: appears next to your # 1 best friend when you’re as your # 1 best friend (for less than two weeks).
  • A smile appears with your best friends.
  • The smile of satisfaction: appears next to someone when you’re one of his best friends, but they are not one of you.
  • A smile appears next to someone when the same # 1 Best Friend is shared.
  • Sunglasses: appears next to someone who shares with a best friend.
  • The fire appears next to someone when you are in a “Snapstreak,” and the number of consecutive days Snapped another.

How to remove someone from your best friends Snapchat

No official to do so, but remove someone from your list of best friends Snapchat is quite simple. All you have to do is lock and unlock them, bringing the score for that particular conversation immediately.

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To do this, open Snapchat icon and press the little ghost on the top of the camera screen. Select “friends” that will show your list of friends and their best friends. Click on the user you want to delete, select the settings icon and select “Lock” on the list.

When you block someone, they will disappear from your best friends and your main friend’s list, so you have to find your username and add them again. (Alternatively, you can select the configuration of your account and unlock “Blocked Users”.) After that, they’ll be on your list of friends available to chat with you, but will be out of your list of best friends. Rinse and repeat for someone else to hide.

It is important to note, however, that will still be eligible to become a best friend if you discuss with them a lot – so it’s a good idea to search the list and repeat the process as needed. friendship scores seem reset once a week, so you probably want to check each week.

That’s all there is to do – if you ever feel the need to withdraw some of his best friends in Snapchat This is currently the best way to do it. If you are understanding of programming, however, you can look into adding a single macro Xcode to hide your list of best friends.