Home remedy for Dog Eye Infection & Conjunctivitis

Home remedies like chamomile, calendula or fennel are really effective in treating canine conjunctivitis as long as they are applied properly. Of course, at the first symptom of conjunctivitis, you should go to the vet, since some of the causes that cause this condition are serious. Once the diagnosis has been made and the treatment stipulated, natural treatments can be used to speed up the healing process. Likewise, if for any reason you can not go to the specialist at this time, you can apply home treatments for conjunctivitis in dogs that we share in Animal Expert as first aid until the veterinary visit, read on!

Causes and symptoms of canine conjunctivitis

Before talking about the best natural treatments for conjunctivitis in dogs, it is essential to check that the animal actually suffers from this eye problem. Thus, the main symptoms of canine conjunctivitis are the following:

  • Tearing.
  • Difficulty opening the eye.
  • Eye discharge
  • Redness.
  • I reject the light.
  • Scratching the eye.

Now what causes conjunctivitis ? This condition is defined as the inflammation of the mucous membrane that is inside the eyelids and extends to the anterior area of ​​the eyeball. Said inflammation can be produced by several factors, constituting conjunctivitis as a problem in itself, or as part of the symptomatology of some disease. Thus, conjunctivitis can develop from foreign bodies in the eye, from dry eyes, from trauma, from an allergic reaction., by an infection, by a malformation in some of the parts that make up the eye, etc. In these cases, the typical symptoms of conjunctivitis and none more are usually observed. When the reason that causes it is another, and we are faced with a viral, bacterial or fungal conjunctivits , in general, the sick animal tends to show other signs related to the underlying cause. For this reason, it is possible that the affected animal shows conjunctivitis as a consequence of a viral pathology, such as distemper, due to the presence of opportunistic bacteria that take advantage of the drop in defenses, hepatitis, a cold or any other pathology of the pathways. upper respiratory.

My dog ​​has conjunctivitis, what do I do?

Since some of the causes that cause conjunctivitis in the dog are serious, the first thing we should do is go to the vet . If we have access to a veterinarian specialized in ophthalmology, the better, since it will be easier to find the cause of the problem. Once there, the specialist will analyze the type of conjunctivitis and determine if it is a symptom or not. In case of being a product of a serious pathology, the treatment of the disease in question will be started and the necessary drugs will be applied to combat ocular inflammation depending on whether it is viral or bacterial. In general, antibiotic and / or anti-inflammatory eye drops or ointments are usually used .

If conjunctivitis is allergic, an allergy eye drop will be used . And if it is the product of the intrusion of foreign bodies, a blow, etc., the vet may recommend the use of physiological serum to clean the area and an eye drop or drops for conjunctivitis in dogs with anti-inflammatory components. If the affected eye has a wound, it will be necessary to heal it following the specialist’s instructions. As a complement to veterinary treatment, you can use any of the home treatments that we share below.

Physiological serum

Although it is true that the physiological serum is not a home treatment, it is the first measure that the vet will tell us to carry out. It is a totally safe product to clean the eye area of the dog when it suffers from any problem such as the presence of dry litter caused by conjunctivitis. We can get it at any pharmacy and apply it several times a day. To clean the dog’s eyes with conjunctivitis, we only have to take a sterile gauze, wet it with the serum and carefully massage the affected eye. If the dog has conjunctivitis in both eyes, it will be essential to use gauze for each eye, since the condition could worsen if the same is used for both eyes.

Chamomile for conjunctivitis in dogs

One of the most popular home remedies to cure conjunctivitis in dogs is chamomile tea. This medicinal silver has powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and calming properties , in addition to having the ability to restore eye pressure. Therefore, it is a home treatment so widely used and recommended by many specialists to combat conditions like this. Of course, it is important to apply it carefully and correctly, since used improperly can complicate the state of the affected eye instead of solving it.

To use this home remedy, it is best to prepare an all-natural chamomile infusion, strain, let it warm, wet a sterile gauze and clean the eye with it. It is important not to let the preparation ferment, since if it does it will become a culture of bacteria that is not recommended for the sick eye.

Homemade Treatments for Conjunctivitis in Dogs - Chamomile for Conjunctivitis in Dogs

Home treatment for canine conjunctivitis: thyme

Thyme is another of the most widely used medicinal plants for treating eye conditions. Its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties make it an excellent remedy to treat canine conjunctivitis, both allergic and infectious. To make use of this treatment, an infusion of natural thyme must be prepared, strained to remove the remains and allow to cool. As with the chamomile infusion, it is not recommended to leave it to ferment to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. Once cold, a sterile gauze is moistened in the infusion and the affected eye is cleaned by gently massaging it.

Being a totally natural home treatment for conjunctivitis in dogs, nothing happens if it penetrates a little inside the eye. Of course, we must pay attention so that the amount penetrated is not much, only that necessary to treat the problem.

Calendula to treat conjunctivitis in dogs

Due to the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, antiseptic and healing properties of calendula, this medicinal plant is perfect for treating bacterial conjunctivitis in dogs, as well as conjunctivitis caused by dryness, foreign bodies or a blow. On the other hand, as it is healing, it will also promote the healing of possible wounds that may exist. So much so, that it represents one of the best remedies to heal all kinds of wounds in dogs .

To apply this home treatment for canine conjunctivitis, you simply have to prepare an infusion of natural marigold, strain, and leave it to warm. Once warm, it is recommended to wet a sterile gauze and clean the affected eye. If you have inflammation in both eyes, remember to use one gauze per eye.

Home treatment for conjunctivitis in dogs: oregano

Some of the most outstanding properties of oregano are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal , making it a natural treatment for bacterial, allergic and fungal conjunctivitis. Likewise, it also allows reducing the inflammation and irritation of conjunctivitis caused by foreign bodies, for example.

To use this remedy, an infusion of natural oregano must be prepared, strain, let cool slightly, moisten a sterile gauze and massage the affected eye with it.

Home treatment for canine conjunctivitis: fennel

Fennel is one of the most outstanding natural remedies to combat eye conditions and problems thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties . It manages not only to reduce inflammation, but also to fight redness and bacteria in case of suffering from bacterial conjunctivitis.

Prepare an infusion with a tablespoon of fennel seeds, strain, let cool, bathe in a sterile gauze and apply the home remedy to treat canine conjunctivitis.

Home treatments for conjunctivitis in dogs - Home treatment for canine conjunctivitis: fennel

Cold and warm compresses for canine conjunctivitis

The combination of cold and heat helps to combat both eye irritation and inflammation and redness caused by conjunctivitis. Therefore, another home treatment that can be applied to treat this condition is the application of cold and warm compresses. To do this, they must alternate and allow to act on the affected eye for five minutes . It should be noted that it is important to use different compresses for each eye if both are affected by conjunctivitis.

Recommendations for treating conjunctivitis in dogs with home remedies

  • Prepare the infusions by heating one liter of water and one or two tablespoons of the chosen plant, no more. You can also reduce the amount by keeping this ratio.
  • Do not keep the infusion prepared for more than 12 hours, being the most advisable to prepare a new one for each use.
  • Apply home treatments for canine conjunctivitis two to three times a day .
  • You can alternate the remedies, provided they are 100% natural.
  • Do not let the infusions come to ferment.
  • If conjunctivitis worsens with the remedies, it is possible that the animal is allergic to some of them or that you are not applying it properly, so you should stop using it.
  • If after two weeks the conjunctivitis continues, go to the vet, since this eye condition does not usually last more than this time.
  • Never use home remedies to replace the treatment imposed by the vet, they must be a supplement to promote healing.

This article is merely informative, at ExpertoAnimal.com we do not have the power to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the vet in the event that it presents any type of condition or discomfort.

Most used home remedies

Check your dog's eyes for conjunctivitis

Clean your eyes with chamomile

Chamomile has antibacterial properties that have been used for centuries to cure eye infections. Today, it is still one of the best home remedies out there , and one of the easiest to prepare.

You just have to make an infusion of chamomile (you can do it with the envelopes that are sold in supermarkets), let cool and moisten a clean gauze and then clean your eye. Then, with another gauze, repeat the same with the other.

Put hot / cold compresses on it

Alternating cold and warm compresses will help alleviate the symptoms of conjunctivitis in your dog . While the cold will reduce redness and inflammation, the heat will ease irritation. Of course, for it to take effect you have to leave it for five minutes.

Consider putting on an Elizabethan necklace

If your fur is visibly upset and does not stop scratching the affected eye, an Elizabethan collar may be required. You will find these types of collars for sale in veterinary clinics , but also in animal products stores and online stores.

Give it a quality diet

We are the ones who eat. In order for the body to fight against the microorganisms that are affecting it, it must receive all the nutrients it needs . Therefore, it is highly recommended to give the furry food that does not have cereals or by-products.

Use Physiological Serum

If you make a consultation to the vet with the concern that your dog is having this type of problem in his eyes, this will surely provide you with physiological serum , so that you can clean that eye area of ​​the dog that is being affected.

This will make our dog feel less discomfort caused by this condition, which is usually represented in the form of lizards that must be removed. You will get the physiological serum in all the pharmacies and you can make as many applications as necessary. You should place a little of this solution in a gauze pad and massage the affected area with it, with specific care.

Antiallergic Eye Drops (In case of allergy)

It does not happen in all cases, but it usually happens that some dogs contract conjunctivitis from an allergy . This can happen due to the intrusion of some type of foreign body, but also due to the friction with an element that produces an allergy, among many other possibilities.

The professional will recommend us to use this liquid, which will be a solution for our dog, since it has anti-inflammatory components necessary in these cases . Just put a few drops on the affected eye. Something you should take into account is that if this eye also has some type of wound because of this, you should see the specialist, as this will not do much good.


Thyme is one of the plants that has medicinal properties regarding the conjunctivitis of our beloved dogs. This plant has important anti-inflammatory characteristics as well as disinfectants, making it favorable for the treatment of any type of conjunctivitis, be it infectious or allergic.

You should make an infusion, then strain it and let it cool until it becomes warm. It should be used once it gets close to the cold , without reaching the state of fermentation, since that brings more bacteria. With a gauze soaked in this infusion you will clean the affected eye of your pet with a careful massage.


In the same way that happens with thyme, oregano is also used in the same way , with the similar process of making an infusion with it to be applied to the affected eye of your dog, meaning a natural treatment with beneficial properties to treat conjunctivitis.

The favorable characteristics of oregano have to do with its antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties , which make it very important to treat the types of conjunctivitis that have to do with allergic agents or caused by bacteria or fungi. Its anti-inflammatory component will reduce swelling and irritation considerably.


Another of the home remedies that can be very useful for your pet to improve is to make an infusion with natural marigold, for a large number of properties , among which are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing and antiseptic.

One of the components that differentiates calendula from the aforementioned plants is the one that gives it healing properties , which make it very important for those conjunctivitides that generate some type of wound in the animal’s eye. It is very effective for all cases of bacterial conjunctivitis in dogs.


The potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that fennel possesses make it another of the natural home remedies that serve to face the different cases of canine conjunctivitis.

An important factor in fennel is that it has components that help to eliminate the redness in the eye of our pet, in addition to being very indicated to reduce bacteria , in the case of bacterial-type conjunctivitis.

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